Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 7th Sep 2002 05:23 UTC
Linux Roman Zippel recently released version 0.4 of his new configuration system for the 2.5 Linux kernel, a replacement for the aging CML currently in use. He has attempted to make the transition to this new system much simpler than was the case with CML2 in a hope to have it merged into the 2.5 kernel.
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by DCMonkey on Sat 7th Sep 2002 07:02 UTC

Curiosity got the best of me, so I downloaded the latest version as well as the 2.5.33 kernel tree, and gave it a try. I ran into a couple of compilation errors, so initiated an email exchange with Roman. Beyond helping me troubleshoot these problems, he was also kind enough to answer some general questions about his efforts with the new configuration system. Wait, no I didn't. In fact, I didn't write this. I copied it from someone else's site verbatim and gave it my own byline. Shame on me ;)

Hmmm ...
by Rob on Sat 7th Sep 2002 10:41 UTC

I have YET to build 2.5.33 successfully (with GCC 3.2).

Of course, I don't actually need it ... but, damnit, it's there ...

Re: Er...
by deleted on Sat 7th Sep 2002 14:17 UTC

Well I'm sure Eugenia was really trying to get away with her horrible fraud by having the first link go directly to the story she got it from.

Forgot to put quotes. Honest mistake.

Re: Er...
by Eugenia on Sat 7th Sep 2002 15:37 UTC

This exact text was SUBMITTED to OSNews. I did not write it. If you don't want your text to be used (the submitter did not even leave a name or email!) just include a header and a url only then. Bah.

Re: Er.
by Phobos on Sat 7th Sep 2002 16:27 UTC

If the text was submitted. Why does it say By Eugenia?

by DCMonkey on Sat 7th Sep 2002 19:22 UTC

For the record, I'm not accusing Eugenia of plagarism or anything. I'm just trying to point out the misleading nature of this style of story posting. A change to "Posted By Eugenia" would be good enough I think. No need to edit the story blurbs that way.

Anyways, I hope I made my point, even if it is not taken. I'll stop with such posts.

To put this ever so slightly on topic, that CML2 link is a hoot. Better than watching soap operas. All it needs to be complete is a slap in the face and some dramatic music.

RE: Re: Er.
by Eugenia on Sat 7th Sep 2002 22:58 UTC

> If the text was submitted. Why does it say By Eugenia?

Because the submitter did not leave a freaking name.

Don't get into my nerves. This was the IP address of the submitter. Go and find him if you want:


RE: Re: Er.
by Eugenia on Sat 7th Sep 2002 23:05 UTC

Our submission system does not fill an "Anonymous" word if someone does not put a name in his/her submission. The guy/gal submitted the news and text, sounded as interesting news, I created the story, the submittor's field name got empty because he/she did not fill it up, and then I pressed "submit news item". And then I got to sleep.
And now, you talking about plagarism. Go get a life.

And at the end of the day, we ALWAYS quote or USE AS IS the first paragraph of the article WE LINK TO. This is standard procedure and we have done so a *zillion times* in the past, and we will continue doing it in the future. That's how it works.

And I wouldn't even be surprised if the person who actually submitted the story is Jeremy, the webmaster of KernelTrap, as he submits a lot of stories on osnews as well.