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3D News, GL, DirectX Earlier this year VIA announced they wanted to join the open-source bandwagon by establishing an open-source driver development initiative, releasing documentation and source-code, and to better engage with the Linux community at large. They have made a few small steps over the past few months, but today they have made their largest open-source contribution yet by releasing four programming documentation guides that cover the video, 2D, and 3D programming for their Chrome 9 graphics processor. In addition, they are now partnering with the community-spawned OpenChrome developers.
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v Put your money where your mouth is
by Adurbe on Thu 20th Nov 2008 13:26 UTC
Redeeman Member since:

ofcourse AMD is already doing it.....

i wouldnt trust this from via just yet, they gotta show that they actually are doing it, before ill buy their shit

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Adurbe Member since:

I didnt realise that AMD had actually released anything...

Where can I get the 3d enabled driver from?


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apoclypse Member since:

They released specs and have been workin with Novell to get opensource drivers out to users. You want to give you a reach around as well? For years everyone complains about lack of specs and AMD delivers and now people complain that AMD didn't opensource their propietary drivers. The specs should be moe than enough, imo. Its more than Nvidia has done.

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BSDfan Member since:

Then do some research before you dare spread FUD.. ;)

Intel, AMD and now VIA have all released either docs or drivers... Nvidia is the only one holding out.


Intel stuff:

Via stuff:

You fail at life Adurbe.. just like Adobe fails at business.

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Adurbe Member since:

You fail at life Adurbe.. just like Adobe fails at business.

I'll happily continue to 'fail' like a multi billion dollar company :-)

Indeed, if I manage to even get close to that level of 'failure' I'll be happy!

FYI incase there was any misunderstanding, Adurbe isnt a derivitive of adobe its the latin Ad Urbe

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Pork in the tree-tops come morning
by sbergman27 on Thu 20th Nov 2008 14:34 UTC
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I had a Chrome9 chipset before my last motherboard upgrade. This not being the first time VIA has made noises about opening up, the OpenChrome devs were quite skeptical this round. However, it looks like we may be seeing the beginnings of an open dialog. Though it looks like VIA's internal documentation situation is, shall we say, less than optimal. This should be interesting to watch:

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Proving that its not just words
by decriptor on Thu 20th Nov 2008 17:14 UTC
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Based on this, I think VIA is really trying to become open.

Committed over 16,000 lines of code to kernel

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Now ..
by fithisux on Thu 20th Nov 2008 18:51 UTC
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SIS is the next. hopefully these yummy mobos iDotPC-1 in LinITX will be 3D accelerated under Linux/BSD/Solaris....

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