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BSD and Darwin derivatives Via Ivan Voras' blog (yes a few days late....but this place needs more BSD news). Michael Dexter of CFT has published a tutorial on FreeBSD's upcoming type 2 hypervisor known as BHyVe. The article guides the reader through the procedures to configure, build & boot a hypervisor capable host and guest system. BHyVe currently only supports Intel's x86 virtualization hardware & the project itself is still currently under early development.
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Probably worth noting ...
by WorknMan on Mon 14th Nov 2011 05:32 UTC
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As of this writing, the hyperlinks in the article don't work.

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RE: Probably worth noting ...
by antik on Mon 14th Nov 2011 05:55 UTC in reply to "Probably worth noting ..."
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RE: Probably worth noting ...
by Neolander on Mon 14th Nov 2011 06:27 UTC in reply to "Probably worth noting ..."
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They should work better now. Some weird syntax errors...

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by NuxRo on Mon 14th Nov 2011 13:14 UTC
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Somehow on topic, since I'm more of a redhatophile, I was really pleasantly surprised to see virtio drivers for KVM work well in Freebsd.

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Alexey Technologov
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FreeBSD already has one strong type2 hypervisor - VirtualBox.

IMO They should concentrate a lot of effort around VirtualBox, rather than starting yet-another one.

But this is interesting news.

-Technologov, 16.11.2011.

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