posted by Thom Holwerda on Thu 24th Sep 2009 00:01 UTC
IconToday, the GNOME team has released GNOME 2.28. It builds on the solid foundation laid out by all the previous releases, and adds in a number of new features and improvements, on top of all the bug fixes and performance improvements, of course.

The single biggest improvement in GNOME 2.28 is probably the inclusion of the GNOME BlueTooth module, which should finally make managing all your Bluetooth-capable devices a whole lot easier on the GNOME desktop. "GNOME Bluetooth supports hundreds of Bluetooth devices, including mice, keyboards and headsets. GNOME Bluetooth includes PulseAudio integration for Bluetooth headsets and headphones," the release notes elaborate, "GNOME Bluetooth also includes support for Internet access through your mobile phone. After pairing your mobile phone with GNOME Bluetooth, NetworkManager will include an entry to use your mobile phone for Internet access."

Empathy, GNOME's instant messaging framework, has also seen lots of love. Managing your contact list should now be easier thanks to proper drag/drop organising and a view menu with quick sorting options. The messaging window now supports AdiumX styles too. Support for GNOME's remote desktop viewer, Vino, has been integrated into Empathy, so you can share your desktop with your Empathy contacts.

Another big thing is that Epiphany, the GNOME browser, has ditched the Gecko rendering engine in favour of WebKit. The change should be transparent to users, but it will solve a number of long-standing Epiphany bugs.

Other changes include no more icons on buttons and menus, Evince supports PDF annotation, Cheese has seen UI love, and Terminal will use less memory - among other things, of course.

The new release will find its way to a distribution near you soon enough.

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