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OSNews, Generic OSes "What is the world's most widely used operating system?" The answer is in an interesting Linux Insider piece about ITRON, 'a Japanese real-time kernel for small-scale embedded systems' that runs on a lot of "mobile phones, digital cameras, CD players and other electronic devices."
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Some more links
by Ronald Vos on Fri 14th Jul 2006 12:04 UTC
Ronald Vos
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I found a Slashdot discussion of a CNN interview with the TRON creator, that's no longer online, interesting, especially the following post:

Somewhere someone also mentions it's creator uses it on his home PC to do all his work.

Some official links:

But what I'm wondering is what it's really like; how to envision it being used on Japanese school PCs. Would it be a multi-tasking CLI with an API? Or does it feature graphical components?

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RE: Some more links
by uriahyang on Fri 14th Jul 2006 14:50 in reply to "Some more links"
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You might want to check this out to see what a BTRON look like

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