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Features, Office has hit back at claims that the alternative office applications suite is riddled with security holes. Researchers at the French Ministry of Defense say that OpenOffice is subject to security weaknesses that make it at least as susceptible to computer viruses as the commercial, more widely used, Microsoft Office.
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friggin obvious
by SlackerJack on Tue 15th Aug 2006 19:02 UTC
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Openoffice gets features which people have been asking for and now they say it's got security flaws?. Give me a break,this is just junk talk.

So how can OO.o get features MSoffice have without virus threats, see where i'm going here?. Any dumb idiot can say .doc format is a security risk from virus and because OO.o supports that format so is it, I mean WTF!

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RE: friggin obvious
by ma_d on Tue 15th Aug 2006 19:10 in reply to "friggin obvious"
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Woh now, slow down there. Most of the worst security flaws haven't been design errors but implementation errors, and that's why they can be fixed without major disruption, usually. However, there may be design errors making it more difficult to keep things secure.

Also, .doc has historically been a binary format because it's quick and easy to save and restore data this way: Meaning there's not a lot of checking going on. OOo is written to work on multiple platforms and it's in a different language: That means they're processing those binary formats which means they should be validating them (not that Microsoft isn't validating them these days).

But I still hold to the opinion that there's only one application on MS Office where security is a prime concern: Outlook. If you're opening Word documents from completely untrusted sources then you deserve a virus ;) .

And if you're publishing Word documents no one should be reading what you've published either...

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RE[2]: friggin obvious
by DrillSgt on Tue 15th Aug 2006 21:19 in reply to "RE: friggin obvious"
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"And if you're publishing Word documents no one should be reading what you've published either..."

Yep, that's right. You wouldn't want your customers to be able to communicate with you now, that might be good for business ;)

Yeah, I know..a little smart comment there, but unfortunately true. Most use MS Office since it is the accepted business standard, like it or not.

As for security flaws, MS Outlook is very secure, it is the users that insist on clicking "OK" to allow things to run that are the security problem, not the application. Outlook does not even allow attachments by default anymore without registry hacks, and it most certainly does not automatically run any scripts. Do not confuse Outlook and Outlook express...2 different products.

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