Redox: significant performance and correctness improvements to the kernel

This year, there have been numerous improvements both to the kernel’s correctness, as well as raw performance. The signal and TLB shootdown MRs have significantly improved kernel memory integrity and possibly eliminated many hard-to-debug and nontrivial heisenbugs. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work to be done optimizing and fixing bugs in relibc, in order to improve compatibility with ported applications, and most importantly of all, getting closer to a self-hosted Redox.

↫ Jacob Lorentzon (4lDO2)

I love how much of the focus for Redox seems to be on the lower levels of the operating system, because it’s something many projects tend to kind of forget to highlight, to spend more time on new icons or whatever. These in-depth Redox articles are always informative, and have me very excited about Redox’ future.

Obviously, Redox is on the list of operating systems I need to write a proper article about. I’m not sure if there’s enough for a full review or if it’ll be more of a short look – we’ll see when we get there.


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