Slow updates are hurting Android as an app platform

Here’s a simple truth we all probably know in the back of our minds – you don’t need to get a new version of Android because not much will seem different. The home screen or app drawer may have a tweak or two, and there will be one feature we would like to have, but the apps we use are going to look and function the exact same. The things we do, like messaging or Facebook, won’t use any of the new features developers have available for a while, and apps that do include the latest cool developer feature will be few and far between for quite a while.

That sucks.

Yeah. That really sucks. But there’s nothing most of us can do about it since we’re not building phone operating systems or apps ourselves. And we can’t get mad at the developers who make the apps, because of another simple truth: phones not getting fast updates are hurting the Android platform.

Google doesn’t care.


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