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nVidia, ATi Release New Mobile Graphics Chips

"ATi and nVidia both launched mobile graphics chips yesterday, the first aimed at retaining ATi's leadership of this market segment, while the nVidia part is designed to wrest the crown away from it. ATi's part is the Mobility FireGL 7800, a high-end mobile workstation-oriented chip (hence the FireGL branding) that supports up to 64MB of 128-bit DDR SDRAM. The chip is clocked at 270MHz. nVidia's NV17M is the successor to the GeForce2Go. The new part clocks in at 250MHz and supports up to 64MB of frame buffer memory." Read the rest of the news report at TheRegister.

New Detonator XP Drivers Released

Avault.com reports: Owners of NVIDIA 3D graphics accelerators now have new drivers available to download. TNT, TNT2, GeForce, GeForce2, GeForce 3, Quadro, and Quadro2 owners who have Windows 95, 98, and ME can download Detonator XP version 21.83 drivers here. Windows 2000 users with the same cards can download their version 21.83 drivers here, while this page hosts new version 22.20 drivers for Windows XP 64-bit users.

ATi Radeon Graphics Board Gets Speed Boost, Price Cut

ZDNews reports that ATI Technology has slashed the price and increased the core clock speed just before it releases the high-end Radeon 8500 graphics board. When ATI introduced the board in mid-August, it announced the price as $399 and the core clock speed as 250MHz. But this week, the company dropped the price to $299 and increased the speed to 275MHz. The graphics board, which will be released Oct. 25, is used to enhance visual effects and 3D images, particularly for video games. The graphics board is also optimized to take advantage of WindowsXP. The card competes head to head with the new nVidia GeForce3 model, Ti 500.