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Lindows Routes OS over BitTorrent; OSNews Readers Get it for Free is continuing its experiment of offering software via peer-to-peer networks. The company said Thursday that it is set to distribute its LindowsOS through P2P networks for $25, half the normal price, from its web site. However, OSNews readers will be able to get the OS for free via BitTorrent if they follow this link (thanks to for the kind offer to our readers)!

Review: A Slackware User Looks at LindowsOS offered LindowsOS Developer Edition free for one day, GoogleDay (Whatever that is, I don't know, google's birthday perhaps?) so I decided to test it. My favorite distribution this far has been (and still is) Slackware Linux, which has always, well, just worked. I've been using Linux for some years now, I use Solaris at work (I work as software designer). Trying out Lindows after Slackware was totally different world, and here's some of my toughts after trying out Lindows.

A LindowsOS Review

As a result of a disfavor I have for Microsoft, switching to the last week's free copy of LindowsOS was a viable choice for me (while in the past I have used Slackware, Mandrake, FreeBSD etc). Therefore I downloaded and burned LindowsOS 4.5 Developer Edition to CD.

LindowsOS Developer Edition Review

Thanks to, I was able to get my hands on a free copy of LindowsOS 4.5 Developer Edition just for being a reader of OSNews. Apparently a lot of other OSNews readers did as well considering the long wait in the queue for downloading. It is great that Lindows gave away their product this way. Update: The article was updated (look at the end of the article).’ OSNews Text Coupon Will Expire Today

The text coupon ("IReadOSNews") that entitles you to freely download the LindowsOS 4.5 Developer Edition will expire today, Friday, January 23rd, at 2:00 PM Pacific Time, so you only have an hour (as I write this) to get it (you can download it later, but you need to go through the procedure of getting it before time's up). More information about the text coupon and how to use it, read our recent interview with Kevin Carmony of Update: Time's up folks!

Spawn of Debian faceoff: LindowsOS 4.5

"I've heard a lot of negatives about LindowsOS since its debut. I've heard the installation procedure encourages users to run as root, and worse, to do so without a password. I've heard the company doesn't adhere to the GPL by providing access to the source code for LindowsOS. I've also heard the company didn't play nice with others at a desktop Linux trade show last year. From personal experience I know company reps are a lot more eager to talk to the Windows trade press than to the Linux press." Read the review at NewsForge by Joe Barr.

Linux Desktop Distro Shootout Part IV: LindowsOS 4.5

So far this series has checked out Lindows 4.0, Libranet 2.8.1 and MEPIS 2003.10. Meanwhile both and Xandros have been busy little beavers and spat out new versions of their software, each on the same day. Since I am trying to find the best bang for my buck in a Debian based commercial distro, and since I am already a registered user of LindowsOS, I felt compelled to download a free copy of Lindows 4.5 to have a second look at this thing.

LindowsOS 4.5 Released Inc. announced today the immediate availability of LindowsOS 4.5. LindowsOS 4.5 delivers remote desktop sharing, integrated search features, and translation tools that place six different languages. LindowsOS 4.5 now comes SIP-ready with easy-to-use software, any computer with a microphone and speakers running LindowsOS 4.5 (free upgrade from 4.0) can make free worldwide calls. Launches ChoicePC Program, in an effort to combat Microsoft's sway in the internation PC market, has organized a new initiative, ChoicePC. ChoicePC will fund efforts to diversify the OS market (more info on this available in the latest Michael's Minutes). For $100, a user can get a lifetime membership to, including a free download of all future releases of LindowsOS, a lifetime membership to the Click N Run Warehouse, and more. Certainly a good deal with the price of commercial Linux rising. Update: Justification.