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LindowsOS 4.0 Examined

What sets LindowsOS 4.0 apart from the crowd is not what is shares with standard Linux approach, but what it doesn't. LindowsOS has been reviewed many times over, mostly with favorable results - but this is not just another review. This piece will tell you not only about my experience with LindowsOS 4.0, but also what you need to know to arm yourself with the knowledge to make the decision whether LindowsOS is right for you.

Lindows 4.0 with Click-N-Run Review

"Lindows is sleak, flashy, fun, quick, and way easy to use!  If you are a computer user and are looking for an alternative to Windows, or just want to try out a user friendly Linux distro, try out Lindows.  If you are a Linux guru and are happy with your current distro, excellent, that is what make Linux great - variety.  If you are curious, give that 15 day trial period a try." Read the review at NeoLinkComputers.

The Lindows Analysis: A Second Look

"As a long time Linux user, and being somewhat of a geek, I personally would not run Lindows. That said, I must admit that I was extremely surprised at what I found after finally installing Lindows for myself. For the most part this is a well thought out Linux distribution targeted at new computer users and windows converts." Read the review at PhatViBez by Brad Chamberlin.

TheSoftwareCorner: Lindows 4.0 Review

"Lindows is heading in the right direction when it is going towards the home user market. Lindows is by far the easiest distro of Linux I have tried to date, and yes I've tried Mandrake 8.x/9.x and RedHat 8. Some aspects of Lindows are a bit confusing like the network printer share and no network wizard to share your internet connection." Read the short review at TheSoftwareCorner.

Lindows: A Real Linux Desktop Alternative to Windows

As a system administrator, I have used Windows on the desktop since 2.0 and used to run Windows XP at home for my family. I use Linux and Windows servers at work and prefer (Red Hat) Linux for its security, stability and usefulness in a company with a diminishing IT budget. More than a year ago I started experimenting with Linux as a desktop solution and after installing and using more than 7 different distros along with many various versions of those distros, I found a distro that is doing everything its suppose to do, right out of the box. I'm talking about the pleasantly suprising Lindows 4.0.

Lindows, Getting There

From a Washington Post article: Lindows, a version of the open-source Linux operating system aimed at consumers put off by the cost of Windows, has been on the market for only a year or so, but it's already made some impressive gains: It comes pre-installed on desktop computers from more than a dozen off-brand manufacturers, and its San Diego-based developers just released their fourth major update.

Lindows Debuts Web Kiosk announced a dedicated web kiosk on Tuesday morning, intended to prevent users from accidentally making catastrophic changes to the machines. However, the new $169 WebStation also foregoes a hard drive, requiring a user to work with documents stored on the Web or on a floppy disk. Certain versions of's new kiosk also seal the CD-ROM drive inside the case, preventing additional retail software from being added later.

Lindows 4.0: Getting Better

"I always keep a number of machines around running different versions of Linux and one of them is a Lindows box. Lindows 3.0 was pretty good, but it had a bunch of shortcomings. But the new version, Lindows 4.0, is a much improved, desktop OS with a lot more polish." Read the review at MSNBC.

LindowsOS 4.0 Reviewed; Partners with Netraverse

"Lindows makes the claim that their Linux distribution is user friendly and ready for the desktop. We review their latest version, 4.0, and see if it lives up to their claims. We evaluate everything from the company, to the presentation and marketing to the actual software itself. As Lindows is geared towards the beginning Linux user, so is our review." Read the review at Linux-Universe. Also, Netraverse partners with and offers a wider application support and eases customer transisition to Lindows.

LindowsOS 4.0 Released

DistroWatch reports: "It seems that LindowsOS 4.0 has arrived. While the official product launch won't happen until Tuesday, the web site has come back to life, ready to sell us their latest and greatest. The information on the product page and also in a recent edition of Michael's Minutes will take some serious research before we can present it in a clear and concise way, but basically, the cheapest available product is LindowsOS 4.0 for US$49.95 for digital delivery. This is a 2-CD product (installation CD + live LindowsCD)." Update: The first review of LindowsOS 4 is at TuxReports. Update 2: ExtremeTech posted another LindowsOS 4 review.