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First Look at Linspire 5.0

Adam Doxtater writes that some developers build desktop Linux for a living, and some build it with heart. Some developers understand the needs of desktop users and some just seem to live inside your head. Some may argue that Linspire, Inc. is either, neither, or both, but I am here to clear the air. For good. Review with screenshots.

Linspire Five-0 Released

For some reason I have a groovy musical surfing intro playing in my head. Linspire 5, known as Five-0 has been released. It has "enhancements in every core application" and "a completely revised and streamlined graphical interface, improved laptop and hardware support, significant Internet optimization."

Linspire Seeks Dutch Contract

Linspire chief executive Michael Robertson and president Kevin Carmony are trying to earn the right to pitch Linspire desktops to the Dutch government. Microsoft's proposal, they say, is about 150 million euros more for a product that is very similar functionally. More here and, of course, from Linspire.

What Linspire Has Going For It

I admit that I'm a geek. I use Linux. I use Solaris. I use FreeBSD. At times, I use Windows. And without a doubt, I download and try almost every Linux distribution when they come out. Over the last few years, I've tried all of the RedHat/Fedora releases, 2 different Lindows/Linspire releases, Mandrake, Gentoo, Xandros, Suse, Ubuntu, and the list goes on.

Linspire Natively Supports Latest Versions of Windows Media

Linspire, Inc. today introduced native support for Windows Media Player versions 8 and 9 on its operating system. Beginning immediately, all Linspire versions in all languages will include Windows Media support -- users will now have in-line playback of audio and video on popular sites like and, all with codecs legally licensed and fully integrated in the OS.

Lindows Opens Door for IPO, Sues Xandros

Embattled Linux software maker Lindows announced Tuesday that it has filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering of common stock. The filing reveals that Lindows is suing Xandros, which sells a competing desktop Linux package based on products developed by Corel, over a $750,000 loan that Lindows alleges Xandros defaulted on (Lindows and Xandros shared code and some business 2-2.5 years ago but their relationship went sour about 1.5 years ago). That case is still in the discovery phase, according to the filing.

Linspire Introduces New Linux Applications

On Monday, Michael Robertson of Linspire (née Lindows) preannounced two new applications, Lsongs (screenshot) and Lphoto (screenshot). Although details are scant, the applications appear to fill a gap in the Linux world currently being filled by iTunes, WinAmp, RealPlayer, iPhoto, and other apps on other platforms. The latest Michael's Minute has more, as does this flash presentation on Lphoto.

LindowsOS Renamed

According to the latest press release, Lindows, Inc. has changed the name of LindowsOS to "Linspire." Although rumors suggested that the name change was only for use abroad, the press release suggests that the name change is both permanent and all encompassing.