Linspire Archive to Offer Edition

In his latest Michael's Minute, founder and president Michael Robertson announced the forthcoming LindowsOS Edition, which appears to be the Membership Edition bundled with 12 complete CDs. A collaboration between Robertson's previous effort and his current project, it's the first mainstream Linux distribution to focus on audio as a major component. Though it doesn't appear to be as complete as the Red Hat and Debian multimedia editions currently in beta, once again, is directly addressing the needs of a standard desktop user.

Lindows – Bringing Linux to the Masses

"Robertson isn't the only one hoping to cash in. Software companies like Red Hat, Mandrake, and Suse all offer Linux products that compete with Windows. But Lindows has a few things those companies don't: It has Robertson's bombastic personality to sell it, and it has a better pitch--that it is easier to install and use. Wal-Mart, which began selling Lindows-ready PCs on its website in September, has had such success with the offering that by Christmas it was having trouble meeting demand." Read the two-page interview with Lindows' CEO at Fortune. Robertson also appeared on TV.

Lindows CEO Funds Xbox Hacking Contest

"Michael Robertson, CEO of software company Lindows, has revealed himself as the formerly anonymous donor of $200,000 in prize money in a contest to translate the Linux operating system to Microsoft's Xbox video game console. The revelation was made in a posting earlier this week on the Xbox Linux Project site at SourceForge, a site for collaborative development of open-source software projects. Robertson disclosed his identity as the person funding the contest and extended the deadline." Read the article at ZDNews.

Review of LindowsOS 3.0

I heard so much about this product (some good, some bad), but I had never really tried it before sent us in the latest version of their OS, LindowsOS version 3.0. I took it a spin for two weeks now, and here is what I think about it (and for the eye-candy seekers, screenshots included).

Lindows vs. Windows: Round 3.0

The company announced version 3 of Lindows this week at Comdex, and Robertson took the opportunity to talk with PC World about his operating system, its business model of powering extremely low-cost PCs, running an online software mall, and what it's like to go head-to-head with one of the most firmly entrenched products in the world. Read the article at PCWorld.

Release Announcement: LindowsOS 3.0

DistroWatch is reporting about an announcement from Lindows about the imminent release of LindowsOS 3.0 on Monday. If you pre-order before Saturday, you can get a better deal, while this time the OS comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Please note that LindowsOS 3.0 comes out only 2 months after LindowsOS 2.0 was released (our review is here). This version scheme seems to work well marketing-wise for Lindows as big sites (e.g. get to report on it.

Redslug’s Review of Lindows 2.0

"I would highly recommend Lindows-OS to anyone considering moving away from using Windows. If you play a lot of Windows games, I would suggest you dual boot. If you are a hard-core Linux geek, who enjoys squeezing every last nanosecond of performance out of their machines, maybe this is not for you." Read the review at PCTechForums.

Lindows Arrives in UK on a £250 PC

The £250 PC hasn't been part of the British computing landscape since the days of the eight-bit micro. Evesham Technology has changed that, with the launch of the E-scape Li -- no monitor or speakers, but everything else you need for a working computer. It includes, for the first time in the UK market, a version of Linux aimed at the consumer, Lindows. Read the review of the machine and OS at ZDNet.

Robertson’s Open Letter to Ballmer

"Yes, after two anti-trust violations you're obligated to offer equitable pricing to the largest computer builders for the Microsoft Windows XP software, but what Microsoft does now is use MDF (market development funds) to pressure the behavior you want from many OEMs. You give computer companies a price break on Microsoft software in the form of a rebate for every computer they've sold. This program is disguised as a "marketing" program but OEMs only qualify if they agree to terms such as not working with competitor's products." Read Lindows' Michael Robertson open letter to Steve Ballmer.

Lindows: Victim of the Old, “New Economy” Way of Doing Business?

"My point is that Lindows as been the target of a lot of criticism over the past year, include a fair amount from NewsForge and And most of that criticism comes from Robertson promising fantastic new breakthroughs and then not delivering. Lindows has been a victim of its own hype. So why do I feel sorry for the company? Because Robertson has been following an extremely effective practice, especially in the tech business last five years or so: over-hype, under-deliver." Read the editorial.