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Lindows in the Living Room – Can You Live with It?

"Earlier this year The Register expressed an interest in's Lindows Media Computer, and despite the accompanying back-handed compliments, Michael Robertson himself got in touch and arranged to have one shipped round. So for the past couple of months I've been able to check out LindowsOS itself, the business model in operation, the hardware, and the whole notion of the 'living room' PC, or the 'one per room' PC." Read the article at TheRegister.

Lindows CEO Attacks Intel’s Centrino Linux Lockout

"Intel is going through a major internal struggle over desktop Linux, and the pro-Microsoft marketing droids are currently winning, according to CEO Michael Robertson. As evidence, Robertson puts forward the lack of Linux support for Centrino, the mysterious blocking of his company's request to participate in an Intel roadshow, and the last minute pullout of Intel speakers at his Desktop Linux Summit earlier this year." Read the report at TheRegister.

Michael Robertson: the Steve Case of Linux

"AOL sucks. There are many better, lower-cost ISPs. And Lindows sucks. There are many better, lower-cost Linux distributions available. These are articles of faith among sophisticated Internet and Linux users. But the Internet as a whole owes a lot to AOL and Steve Case, and Lindows is doing as much for Linux as AOL has done for the Internet, whether you like it or not." Roblimo editorializes.

LindowsOS 3.0 Review

"Publishing this article has been avoided for quite some time. The emotions behind LindowsOS is simply too great for objectivity to be used for both Tux Reports reviewers and for readers. We've witnessed flame wars in forums, mean-spirited posts in response to positive statements regarding LindowsOS, and we've fallen prey to our own biases regarding this distribution. However, after using the product we now believe that we can give a brief look at some of our experiences in relation to our expectations and then help others sort out some of the underlying controversy they may have read on other sites." Read the review at TuxReports.

Maker of Lindows Laughs at Face of Danger (and Microsoft)

"Michael Robertson has a software glitch in his belfry. He's a crazy man. Certifiable. And God bless him for it. Maybe he'll finally give the technology industry some spine when it comes to going up against Microsoft. That, or he is tech's Chuck "The Bayonne Bleeder" Wepner, about to get turned into goulash by the Muhammad Ali of software. Either way, this bout should be entertaining." Read the article at USA Today, by Kevin Maney.

LindowsOS Steals the Show at First Desktop Linux Summit

Attendees of the Desktop Linux Summit have spent the past two days reveling in the growing number of games, PCs, software applications, and peripherals that are now compatible with the underdog operating system. Designed to spread the word about Linux on the desktop and to teach the almost 550 attendees about the open-source operating system, the show also served as a platform for new product announcements, including several from the show's host, Read the report at PCWorld.

Lindows at the Showdown

Lindows has aimed to become the GNU/Linux distribution for anyone coming from Windows to Linux (hence the name). They have, without a doubt, pushed the envelope for marketing and pushed the Linux operating system into the mainstream media and retailers. Still, does LindowsOS have what it takes to be the victor of the Penguin Shootout? Find out at

Oracle’s Ellison Bets on Lindows

Speaking at the Oracle Appsworld here, the 58-year old Ellison, said he hoped that Oracle would soon be able to run its desktop applications on Lindows. The shrewd Ellison was however quick to sense the skepticism among the audience about the concept to make a cheap open software that runs both Linux and Windows code, but that looks and runs like Windows. "Lindows may not succeed, but it's at least possible. Even if Lindows comes close to success, the product could beget the massive transition that Microsoft perpetually fears," Ellison said.