Novell and Ximian Archive

The Next NetWare: Not Your Dad’s NetWare

"At one time, NetWare was the network operating system for the PC world. In particular, there are still companies that depend upon its bread and butter networking on lovingly maintained NetWare 3.1x and 4.x set-ups. And why shouldn't they? It's been long acknowledged that for fundamental print and file services along with rock-solid stability, you couldn't beat NetWare." Read the rest of the article here.

Novell’s Linux Gamble is Paying Off

Underscoring Novell's commitment to the Linux operating system, the company's chief financial officer on Friday hinted at further acquisitions. Joseph Tibbetts, pointing to Novell's purchase late last year of two leading Linux companies -- Boston's Ximian and Germany's SuSE -- said the networking giant is on its way to becoming the world's leading Linux solutions provider. Elsewhere, alternative to Windows should play to its own strengths, says Novell Linux guru.

Miguel de Icaza On Novell and Toolkits; Novell Drops NetWare Name

"My team and other teams within Novell continue to develop and use Gtk as their toolkit (recently open sourced Simias/iFolder for instance) and all of the Mono GUI development tools. The only use of Qt that am aware of today is SUSE's recently open sourced YAST" said Ximian's Miguel de Icaza replying on Heise's recent article on standardization of Novell on Qt.

More on Novell’s KDE/GNOME Desktop

Following Novell's announcement that they will be combining the best of KDE and GNOME, Heise On-Line is now reporting (Google Fish) that Chris Stone let it slip during his keynote at BrainShare 2004 that Novell has chosen to standardize on Qt as development environment. If the latest SUSE desktop is anything to go by, we can expect an integrated desktop based on KDE & GNOME out of this.

IT Investor’s Journal: How Novell is becoming a true Linux play

"During the next two to three years, I quite like the prospects for appreciation in Novell’s stock price, but I'd be inclined to stay on the sidelines for the next few months before thinking about starting a position. While I expect Red Hat to remain the sector leader, its dominant position will be eroded as strong competitors such as Novell/SUSE enter and consolidate in the space. It's still early, and Novell’s transition will take time as management reconciles its various challenges and opportunities." Read the article at ITManagersJournal.

Open Carpet 0.2 Released

Joe Shaw from Ximian released recently Open Carpet 0.2: This new version fixes some problems with multiple channels and now requires that the user supply the ChannelID directive in the channel config. Hopefully, enthusiasts around the world will join Joe in the developments of Open Carpet to add more functionality and support for more package formats (e.g. Slackware's, Solaris' or FreeBSD's) that will result to a nice, portable, package management front-end application for Unix and Linux.

ArsTechnica Interviews Robert Love

Recently hired by Ximian (now a subsidiary of Novell) in order to further improve the Linux kernel, Robert Love has interesting tasks ahead of him—integration of all this low level work into the Linux desktop, specifically the GNOME Desktop and Developer Platform. The work is already coming to fruition as developer releases of "Project Utopia" (as it's been dubbed) have already been released. So sit back and let's see how Robert Love plans to make the Linux Desktop "Just Work".

Novell CEO Keynote at LWCE Promises Open Source Contributions

LinuxWorld Conference and Expo began this morning at the Javits Center in New York City with a keynote address by Jack Messman, chairman of the board and CEO of Novell. Novell, Messman noted, is a billion-dollar company that's wagering its future on open source, with the acquisitions in the past year of Ximian and SuSE. Linux convert Novell proclaimed its strong support for open-source programming Wednesday, but made the case for a pragmatic approach that blends in its own proprietary applications.