Novell and Ximian Archive

Novell Acquires Ximian

From the press release: "Novell, Inc., today announced it has acquired privately held Ximian® of Boston, Mass., the leading provider of desktop and server solutions that enable enterprise Linux adoption. This acquisition expands Novell's capacity to provide flexible information solutions to customers worldwide. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed." I happen to be a huge Novell and Ximian fan, so I can only imagine what they have in mind...

Novell Challenges SCO Position, Reiterates Support for Linux

In what Bruce Perens is describing as answering "the call of the open source community," Novell, makers of the popular NOS NetWare, has delivered a letter to SCO challenging their rights to UNIX System V. "Novell has just won the hearts and minds of developers and corporations alike," Perens continued. Read the article and the letter at Yahoo. Update: SCO's response.

Novell: Getting its Story Straight

"Nearly every IT director is familiar with Novell's NetWare operating system and its strong network directory. But despite a string of reorganizations and refocused marketing messages, Novell's fortunes remain tightly hewed to its base of NetWare customers, which has shrunk substantially at the expense of Windows. Chris Stone is out to change that. Stone rejoined Novell nearly one year ago as vice chairman after a three-year hiatus. His mission: explain how Novell's trove of slick networking technology solves thorny business problems, like security and identity management." Read the interview at C|Net News by Martin LaMonica.

Novell Embraces Linux Across Product Lines

"Novell is breaking from tradition and quietly working to add Linux throughout its product and service lines. The move is part of a new multiplatform strategy that de-emphasizes its NetWare-centric vision." Read the report at eWeek. Update: Novell Inc. is currently evaluating its product suite to determine which of those it wants to open source and will be making a decision on this in the near future.

Men at Work: the Ximians in Their Aerie

"The tall art deco building in Boston's Fenway neighborhood could easily be a courthouse, or some other seat of power. Signs in its windows proclaim "the awakening of the slumbering giant." If power can be described as the encapsulation of energy, power does reside there. And if the giant can be thought of as awakening for the first time, it's all perfectly consistent. For in this renovated relic of the first half of the 20th century resides Ximian, Inc." Read the report at LinuxAndMain.

Will Web Services Revive Novell?

If networking software pioneer Novell fails to recapture at lease some of its former luster, it won't be for lack of effort. The company's latest plan to reinvent itself kicked off Monday, with the purchase of SilverStream Software, a maker of development tools. Novell Chief Executive Chris Stone sees the deal as helping the company expand into the market for Web services--an increasingly popular way to develop software. If Novell successfully integrates SilverStream into its product line, it could possibly revive interest in Novell's NetWare operating system and directory services software as a Web services development package.

Novell: Microsoft Bullies Server Market

"An executive of network computing company Novell Inc. on Wednesday accused Microsoft Corp. of using anti-competitive tactics to dominate the market for Internet server software. Novell Chief Technology Officer Carl Ledbetter, in testimony in the ongoing Microsoft antitrust case, said that Microsoft withheld critical information that competitors needed to make their server software work well with Microsoft's Windows, which virtually holds a monopoly position in personal computer operating systems." Read the news story at Yahoo!News.

Novell Netware 6.0: A New Way to Network

"Novell reinvents the network operating system with a secure, Internet-centric design. The folks who invented the NOS are back with a bunch of fresh ideas that give you platform independence, browser access, and much more. Frankly, it blows away anything offered by Microsoft or the *nix community." Highly interesting article over at ExtremeTech regarding the new version of Novell's network operating system.

Linux at Work with Ximian

Ximian, Inc., an open source software company, not only announced the 1.0 release of their Evolution e-mail client, but also the availability of Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange. Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange will finally allow users to connect to their business' Exchange servers from their Linux workstations. Update by ELQ: An interesting editorial regarding Ximian's flirt with Exchange can be found at the LinuxPlanet.

Novell Releases Native File Access Pack

A press release announces that Novell is offering a new Native File Access Pack that allows Windows, Mac OS, and UNIX/Linux clients to access Netware servers without any special Novell client software. This is a big step in the right direction for Novell. Using the standard file-sharing protocols for each of the three major workstation platforms makes Netware a stronger competitor to other file servers. And administrators who've disliked adding more software to every workstation just so they can connect to Netware servers now have one less reason to switch their server OS. An Infoworld review of a beta release of Netware 6 gives some more detail.