Novell and Ximian Archive

Novell Missteps Not Affecting SuSE

Novell layoff rumors swirled this week, but analysts were quick to dismiss any doomsday scenarios involving the SuSE Linux operating system. Current users of SuSE should not panic even if the 20% workforce cuts cited in recent news reports come to fruition, said Charles King, principal analyst for Pundit-IT Research, Hayward, California.

Novell Under Pressure From Investors

The pressure is growing on Novell Inc's management to make major strategic changes after a regulatory filing revealed a Novell shareholder has joined Credit Suisse First Boston in calling for change at the identity management and Linux vendor. The steps proposed by the investment firm include cutting costs by targeting Novell's two corporate jets, its "overstaffed" R&D department, legacy products, and its 400 NetWare engineers, as well as selling non-core businesses to enable funds to be redeployed.

Novell to Open Linux-Oriented Beijing Center

Novell Inc. will open a Linux research and development center in Beijing by the end of this year, focusing on Linux on the desktop, international and localization issues and high-performance computing. Novell's expanded Chinese presence will apparently serve both as a development and support arm for Novell's current business, as well as an attempt to create new business opportunities within China.

Novell Lays Claim to SCO’s IP License Revenue

Novell has filed its response to SCO Group slander of title case against it, making the same claim against the Unix vendor and adding that it believes it is entitled to 95% of SCO's intellectual property licensing revenue. This legal filing is the latest twist in the long-running argument between SCO and Novell over which company holds the copyrights to the UnixWare operating system and Unix System V code base, and could have a financial impact on SCO's other legal claims.

Novell Loses Another Executive

Richard Seibt, formerly CEO of Suse Linux before its acquisition by Novell in 2003, has left Novell. This follows the recent resignations of other top executives Chris Stone, Alan Nugent, and Deb Bergavin. The major portion of Novell’s management came from Novell’s acquisitions of Cambridge Technology Partners, Ximian and Silverstream.

A quick look at Novell’s Open Enterprise Server

With some free time and some spare equipment lying around, I decided to give Novell's Open Enterprise Server an install. I work in a Netware environment, but given recent trends, I decided to try and drop OES on a fresh SuSE Enterprise install. This isn't a comprehensive review; rather it's just some comments while I was just playing around. It might give people a better idea what OES actually is.

Novell Brainshare Keynote Online

If you weren't able to attend Brainshare but are interested in seeing what the big N is up to, the keynote speech is online. Some topics discussed: Linux solving high performance problems, virtualization technologies via Xen, capabilities of the Linux desktop including transparency, graphics and animation effects and demos of mono applications doing amazing feats.

Deploying Novell’s Linux Server in a Windows Domain Environment

This article will try to show you how easy it is to setup Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise Server as a Window Domain Controller (WPDC) - all by just pointing an clicking - no text editor is required. After implementing these instructions, you will have a fully featured WPDC that includes setting up an LDAP user/machine database as well as utilizing Dynamic DHCP and DNS Servers.

iFolder: It’s all about Sharing

iFolder is a file sharing application for Linux, Windows, and Mac. Using iFolder workgroup features, you can easily: Share files across multiple computers and share files with other users. Used with an iFolder Enterprise server, you can maintain a backup of your files on an iFolder Enterprise server, share files with other users and computers and restore deleted files from Backup. The new web site for iFolder is up and some interesting Flash demos are available for your viewing pleasure.