Novell and Ximian Archive

Novell/SUSE’s Chris Schlaeger talks about KDE

In this interview, Chris Schlaeger, Vice President R&D for SUSE/Novell and long time KDE contributer, talks about Novells desktop plans, Integration, Groupwise support in KDE's instant messanger Kopete, the Kontact groupware client as well as the integration of the Gecko rendering engine into Konqueror. He also shares interesting opinions and ideas for the future of KDE.

Novell’s Linux desktop available soon

Novell plans to launch its first Linux desktop offering, which incorporates technology it acquired from German Linux vendor SuSE last year, within the next month. The vendor says it is combining its own proprietary technology with open source software in an “enterprise-ready” desktop operating system that will be a low-cost alternative for most organisations.

Beagle is Shaping Up on Novell’s Desktop

Nat Friedman posted recently some new screenshots from within his Novell Desktop showing Beagle, the Dashboard evolution. Beagle indexes the file system for intelligent searches similar to Apple's Spotlight solution. It is also capable on searching the internet while integrates well with many Gnome apps like Evolution and Gaim, including file selectors. Notice how the spatial Nautilus opens a new window for each search, containing only the search results.

Novell to Release Enhanced Business Desktop Linux in Fall

Novell plans to release its new corporate version of Linux for desktop computers this fall, the first product to merge technology from SuSE and Ximian that Novell acquired. The prototype was called Novell Linux Desktop (this may not be the final name) and it derives from SuSE's codebase. The new desktop software uses the new Ximian Desktop version of GNOME, and it's customized to work smoothly with Novell's GroupWise server software for e-mail, calendars, contact lists and instant messaging.

Novell eyes lean, mean Linux

Novell is developing a slimmed-down version of SuSE Linux especially designed to desktop enterprise deployments easier to support. SuSE Linux 9.1 Professional, the latest version of the desktop OS, comes with 3,000 packages and seven web browsers, according to Novell. Steve Brown, Novell’s European VP, said there was a danger of the OS becoming too "top heavy".

Novell Australia: Ready for Desktop Linux

Novell is embarking on an "eat your own dog food" project in which it will eventually migrate all of its 6000 employees worldwide to SuSE Linux (and drop MS Office for OpenOffice). The company's Australian employees will be the advance guard. Many of them have already been using OpenOffice for some time, and the transition has been relatively smooth. According to the article, "Using a custom set of technologies which read Windows users preferences into SuSE after a dual-boot installation, the average desktop can be migrated in less than an hour."

Ximian Connector Released Under the GPL; CrossOver 3.0 Released

Novell today announced its Connector for Microsoft Exchange Server will be integrated into Evolution 2.0 and made available as open source, beginning today with the current Connector 1.4. Evolution is Novell's award-winning e-mail and workgroup client for Unix and is the most widely used collaboration suite on Linux. Elsewhere, the CrossOver Office 3.0 plugin was also released.

Miguel de Icaza: Rest of the World to Eventually Force US Into Linux

Last Thursday OSNews had the opportunity to meet Miguel de Icaza, founder of Gnome, Ximian and among other things leader of the much discussed, Mono project. Miguel is a talented and versatile developer but he is also a very intelligent businessman able to understand the industry on many different levels. Talking to Miguel guarantees that you are very quickly taken away by his enthusiasm and optimism and his thoughtful strategies and vision on how OSS will take over the world.