Novell and Ximian Archive

Novell files Unix Copy Rights

Novell has filed for registered copyright of several versions of UNIX that it once exercised domain over. This includes some of the same code that SCO is claiming ownership of. With Novell flexing its Linux muscle, and SCO redoubling its efforts, this could mean a future showdown between the two companies.

Kernel Hacker Robert Love Joins Ximian

Robert Love, kernel hacker well known for his preemptive patch, has now joined the ranks of Ximian. In a nutshell, he told us that he is going to be working on kernel and system-level projects to improve the Linux desktop experience. Better hardware management/integration/naming/hotplugging, a kernel event system, and desktop/laptop performance tuning are immediate goals. Robert recently released a book, "Linux Kernel Development" which we reviewed.

Ximian’s Ettore Perazzoli Passes Away

A well-known figure in the Gnome community, Ximian hacker Ettore Perazzoli passed away last night (here pictured at GUADEC 2001). We do not know the cause of the death, but the Ximian employees blog about the sad news here. This comes as a shock to many, especially as this is the second Ximian person to have passed away recently. Chema Celorio died exactly a month ago during a sky diving event. Our condolences to both families and to their friends at Ximian and Novell.

Red Carpet Daemon 2.0 and Open Carpet Announced

Ximian's Joe Shaw writes: "We announced the release of rcd 2.0 and the open-carpet stuff. We did a lot of work over the past five months to get Red Carpet into a state where we can try to push it as the premier software management infrastructure and then try to get it integrated generically into GNOME. I am really excited about this release since it opens up a huge amount of open source software to our users who previously needed to turn to some other solution. Our daemon architecture makes it easy for others to write applications which tie into the packaging system, so I hope projects like NARC (Nautilus-Red Carpet integration) pick up again and see some adoption. The Open Carpet software is a first step toward making Red Carpet services easy to set up. I'd like to work toward getting those big Apt repositories to also set up RC services, so we'll see." More info here.

Is Novell-SuSE deal a brilliant Big Blue power play?

As Novell CTO Alan Nugent told ZDNews yesterday, notwithstanding a $50 million injection from IBM, his company's decision to acquire Linux distributor SuSE was backed by a significant amount of market and technical rationale. But legally speaking the move may go down in history as pure chess brilliance on behalf of IBM and Novell in one of this industry's most notorious power struggles.

Novell’s SuSE Purchase in Perspective

"We listened to the inevitable "We all love each other and everything is going to be wonderful" press conference, looked at readers' reactions to the original Novell buys SuSE announcement, monitored and asked questions in assorted IRC channels, and talked to contacts at Novell, SuSE, Ximian, and elsewhere. But whatever we say (or anyone else says) this week, don't expect the full effect of Novell's SuSE purchase to be visible for at least two months; the purchase isn't expected to become final until January, 2004." Read the article at NewsForge, while check here for an analysis at ZDNews about it too. Update: See detailed comments from former-Ximianites Miguel de Icaza and Nat Friedman.

Novell to Acquire SuSE

Novell today announced it will acquire SuSE, one of the leading enterprise Linux companies, expanding Novell's ability to provide enterprise-class services and support on the Linux platform. With the open source expertise of SuSE Linux and Novell's world-class networking and identity solutions and support, training and consulting services, Novell will be able to deliver Linux and all its components –- from the server to the desktop. Press release can be found here. This isn't the first news of these companies interoperating. Update: C|Net News has a nice round-up article on it too.

Novell Bulks Up on Linux Tools, Projects

In 1999, Novell Inc. conceded that it would never again dominate the network operating system market with NetWare alone. Still licking wounds from disastrous office productivity crusades against Microsoft, the company shed its WordPerfect albatross, retrenched and embraced what was then an up-and-comer: Linux. It has been slowly melding its products and services with the open-source platform ever since. Read the rest of the report on Novell, Ximian and Mono at SDTimes.