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Sun and Apple NOT Working on Star Office for Mac

"Sun and Apple have no concrete plans to codevelop a version of Sun's StarOffice productivity suite for the Mac OS X operating system, two open-source developers and a Sun official said Monday. Sun held a conference call with the two OpenOffice developers on Monday to clarify that Sun and Apple are not working on their own project to create a version of OpenOffice for Mac OS X by year end. Sun has been in ongoing talks with Apple to see "what it would take" to make a version of StarOffice that had the look and feel of an Apple application, Siress said. These talks, however, are really little more than the same theoretical discussions that have been going on over the last couple of years, he said." The report can be found at InfoWorld.

Sun to Push StarOffice for Apple’s MacOSX

Apple Computer and Sun Microsystems are cooperating on a version of Sun's StarOffice productivity software for Mac OS X, the companies said. Apple gains a friend to help counter its increasingly contentious relationship with Microsoft, which has been struggling with sales of its Office v. X suite for Macintosh. Currently, OpenOffice only runs with the aid of X11, but a native OSX version based on Java is under way, with Apple, Inc. developers giving a hand for the port. Update: Corey O'Connor emailed us regarding the Java and C/C++ parts of Star Office on OSX:

Sun Loads Free Software Against Microsoft

"Sun Microsystems will announce on Wednesday a free software initiative aimed at undercutting Microsoft and other rivals in the battle over Web services software. Sun plans to give away a basic version of its application server software, a key piece of infrastructure software for building business applications. Application server software is technology that runs e-business and other Web site transactions. The giveaway targets computers that run Microsoft's Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems, Sun said." The story is at ZDNews. Our Take: Why does that reminds me Microsoft and their giveaway of IE back in the day, in order to win over Netscape? Microsoft ended up in the courts for it...

Sun’s Zander: We’re Going After HP

"The outgoing president and COO of Sun Microsystems said opportunities for enterprise sales these days -- given that there are so few -- are in targeting competitors' installed bases." Read the article at AtNewYork. "Sun sets its programmers to work on setting Web services standards as part of its strategy to catch up with rivals Microsoft and IBM. Is it too late for Sun to become a niche leader?" Read the article at ZDNews.

Sun Software: Now it’s ONE for All

Sun Microsystems on Monday said it has reorganized and re-branded its disparate software lines and put them all under the Sun ONE umbrella. By re-branding its software, Sun hopes to better explain, and hence sell, its software to large corporate customers. As a result, the iPlanet Web Server, software for running large Web servers, will be rechristened the Sun ONE Web server, while the Chilisoft ASP will go by the name Sun ONE Active Server Pages. Our Take: As you can see, Sun is going full speed with Sun ONE, which is pretty much a similar range of products and strategy as Microsoft's .NET. A lot of people in our forums have dismissed the whole idea of .NET (most without knowing what .NET and ONE really are), but the bottomline is that it makes sense on how the future of computing is going to look like. If it won't be Microsoft and its .NET, it will be Sun and ONE. Bottomline is that you can't get away from this "new way of doing things." Exactly as we said in the last paragraph of our .NET editorial two months ago. Update: Java and .NET battle for the web's future.

Sun Releases New Workstation and Graphics Accelerator

Sun has released the new Sun Blade 2000 Workstation, featuring either 2x 1GHz or 2x 900MHz UltraSparc III CPU's. They have also launched the XVR-1000 Graphics Accelerator which puts Sgi square in their sites, when it comes to the 3D vizualization market. What's interesting to note, is not only the first more than 1GHz uSparc III processor, but that the XVR-1000 board is based off Sun's new MAJC processor, with 2 VLIW cores, on-board. Let the VLIW/CISC/RISC discussion begin!

Sun Files Suit Against Microsoft for Anti-Trust Violations

Sun Microsystems announced it has filed a private antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft Corporation. The suit, filed March 8, 2002 in the United States District Court in San Jose, CA., seeks remedies for the harm inflicted by Microsoft's anticompetitive behavior with respect to the Java platform and for damages resulting from Microsoft's illegal efforts to maintain and expand its monopoly power. In June 2001, the Federal Court of Appeals found Microsoft guilty of illegally abusing its monopoly power with respect to Sun and the Java platform. Sun's suit seeks to redress the competitive and economic harm caused by Microsoft's illegal acts. Read more on ZDNews.

Sun to Charge for Star Office but Increases Commitment to GNOME

According to a heise article, free versions of Star Office will now only be available to Solaris users. Free versions for Linux and Windows users will no longer be offered. However, Mark McLoughlin of Sun mailed the gnome-hackers mailing-list announcing the deal between Sun, Ximian and Wipro. The deal means that Wipro will assign up to 50 people to work on GNOME including hackers, QA people, documenters and more.

Sun Broadens Support for Linux

From the press release: "Sun Microsystems has embraced the Linux operating system, rolling out a multipart program that will significantly broaden the offerings of Linux on low-end Sun servers and commit new resources to the ongoing development of the Open Source operating system." Our Take: I am very concerned as to what this may mean for Solaris. Was this the real reason behind the Sun decision to drop support for the x86 Solaris? Did Sun took marketing/strategy lessons from IBM regarding Linux and its accompanied hype? Because technically speaking, Solaris is a far more advanced server operating system (in its core) than Linux is.

Liberty Alliance Getting More Attention

"Like dueling superpowers, Sun Microsystems and Microsoft appear to be facing two choices in promoting their respective Web security initiatives: detente or a state of constant conflict. Sun CEO Scott McNealy on Thursday renewed his push for the Liberty Alliance Project, a multi-company attempt to counter Microsoft's Passport identity-authentication system. In a keynote address at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, McNealy trumpeted the recent addition of major partners to the alliance." Read the rest of the story at ZDNews.