Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 30th Mar 2005 19:21 UTC
OSNews, Generic OSes FreeRTOS is a portable open source (GPL) real-time operating system for embedded devices. It offers a smaller and easier real-time processing alternative for applications where eCOS and embedded Linux (or Real Time Linux) won't fit, are not appropriate, or are not available. FreeRTOS runs on a bunch of architectures, both 8- and 16-bit. TCP/IP support is provided either from the uIP software TCP/IP stack (live demo server here) or by using the Wiznet hardware TCP/IP co-processor (live demo server here).
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by xyz on Wed 30th Mar 2005 19:46 UTC
It's great!
by Mike Hibbett on Thu 31st Mar 2005 16:16 UTC

This is a great little os. It's a lot simpler than eCos, and easier to understand. The port for the LPC2106 worked right out of the box; I had the demo code running within 1/2 hour of downloading all the tools for the first time.
I'm looking forward to using it in a real application.

RE: It's great!
by Jon on Thu 31st Mar 2005 18:12 UTC

yeah, it's interesting!

This RTOS is amazing!
by kieran on Thu 31st Mar 2005 22:12 UTC

I've used it in a couple of real apps already. I even have it running on an PIC18F with 2 serial ports! The code is simple and works out of the box. The license is as free as it gets.

Development doesn't get much better if you have a free bootloader too.