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Debian and its clones A new Linux App Store has been launched allowing one-click installation of over 100,000 packages across recent Debian and Ubuntu versions. "Apperi provides a simple way to search and install applications on your Debian or Ubuntu Linux computer. By using the official repository package lists and apt-url it allows for one-click installation of every official package in its supported distributions. Apperi was developed by Ryan Quinn who is also the founder and lead developer of the currently dormant GNU/Linux distro SymphonyOS."
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Domain name
by Liquidator on Mon 20th Jul 2009 16:26 UTC
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With such a domain name, one would expect something else... Searching for "whisky coke" returned no results ;)

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Search only?
by phoenix on Mon 20th Jul 2009 16:27 UTC
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Is it just me, or is there no way to just browse the catalog?

Seems pretty useless to me if you can't browse the listings.

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RE: Search only?
by kragil on Mon 20th Jul 2009 16:55 UTC in reply to "Search only?"
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Yeah, it needs featured apps, top downloads, top rated, top bla.

The basics really. Just hire some pr0n video site web designers ;) They are good at this sort of thing.

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RE[2]: Search only?
by ryanpq on Mon 20th Jul 2009 20:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Search only?"
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Package browsing by category has been added and can be found on the main page.

The top 25 installed apps for your selected distro are also available from the main page.

Thanks for the suggestions. Being in beta means we are constantly expanding functionality. We plan to add additional distros as well including rpm based distros if we can find a way to implement something like apt-url with yum.

The system also includes a media system we will be launching in the next week or so allowing users to submit screenshots and videos of the apps.

In addition to these items we are looking into integrating documentation, tutorials, etc for individual apps providing a single source for information.

The top apps, most commented, etc require user data to determine so we could not initially launch with the top apps in place without us simply determining them arbitrarily which would defeat the purpose of a user-driven site.

I am happy to hear any suggestions.

Ryan Quinn

Edited 2009-07-20 21:02 UTC

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by liamdawe on Mon 20th Jul 2009 17:47 UTC
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Well this could be a big hit if they added what was suggested above, some kind of top downloads, top searches, features apps and games etc.

And certainly a nice way to browse.

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Linux App Finder
by Marsolin on Mon 20th Jul 2009 18:35 UTC
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Linux App Finder has had this capability for over a year.

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Sorry Excuse
by Raeth on Mon 20th Jul 2009 19:02 UTC
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This site appears to be a sorry excuse for its trendy Web 2.0 logo, and especially one with a beta sign. You have to earn that thing!

Unless this site brings in some more features, It would be better for a user to use their distro's built-in package finder.

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'Supported Packages'
by kenji on Mon 20th Jul 2009 19:27 UTC
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2009-04-08 if Apperi installs supported packages (and not peripheral, non-supported packages as it appears) what would be the point? The built in package manager does this faster and more efficiently, with browsing capabilities.

But after all it is in beta so maybe those features are on the way.

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apperi without VLC
by boulabiar on Tue 21st Jul 2009 09:08 UTC
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nice appstore !

I can't find vlc there !

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by Melicerte on Wed 22nd Jul 2009 08:15 UTC
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What is happening to SymphonyOS/SymphonyOne?
Why is stalled? Will there ever be further development?
Mixing Symphony OS concept with the ones from Gobolinux could deliver some great, inovative Linux on the desktop, IMO.

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