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Google "Gmail voice and video chat makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and family using your computer's microphone and speakers. But until now, this required both people to be at their computers, signed into Gmail at the same time. Given that most of us don't spend all day in front of our computers, we thought, 'wouldn't it be nice if you could call people directly on their phones?' Starting today, you can call any phone right from Gmail."
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by reez on Wed 25th Aug 2010 23:28 UTC
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Is it usual XMPP or something special?

I mean it is great if they use open standards like XMPP. Even if I think PSYC would be the better thing. However it is even less popular than XMPP.

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Comment by ghostdawg
by ghostdawg on Thu 26th Aug 2010 01:39 UTC
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Does it have an .rpm package available? The one I went to install is in .deb format.

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RE: Comment by ghostdawg
by glarepate on Thu 26th Aug 2010 09:25 UTC in reply to "Comment by ghostdawg"
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Debs work on rpm-based systems and are easier to use than rpm itself, IMO. (^;)

ar x package.deb
gunzip *.gz
sudo cp -r ./whatever_dirs_came_out_of_the_deb_package/* /corresponding_system_dir

You will get some errors about directories already existing ...

Of course rpm -i really is lots easier than that, but installing packages isn't the only thing you may need to know how to do with rpm. And I'm not saying dpkg is easy to use, especially compared to apt-get. But debs aren't magic and they aren't actually hard if you know that they are just ar archives of the files needed to make an application run. Plus the extracted ar archive gives you a template of the files that need to be deleted when you are done testing and want to be rid of the beta.

And now you can test 4.0b4 instead of wishing for a compatible package. (o8)<


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RE: Comment by ghostdawg
by FunkyELF on Thu 26th Aug 2010 14:31 UTC in reply to "Comment by ghostdawg"
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I use Gentoo so .deb and .rpm are both useless.
There is a deb2targz and a rpm2targz program.
Look for those.

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RE: Comment by ghostdawg
by Rahul on Thu 26th Aug 2010 21:16 UTC in reply to "Comment by ghostdawg"
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It works for me in Sweden!
by Boldie on Fri 27th Aug 2010 06:48 UTC
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It showed up this morning in Gmail. And it worked! No idea why. Google voice doesn't work. Strange. Can not add credits though.

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Hey ghostdawg
by MotherDawg on Fri 27th Aug 2010 07:05 UTC
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Hey ghostdawg,

Thanks for the code, I'll try it tomorrow... ZZZzzz...

Hummm... your cat does not seam to like the color purple.

The white dawg in 2009-05-03-Cica, that's an ugly pooch man! ;-))

But I hope you don't mind, I saved the beach_unix chics... where she been all my life!


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