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Games This is getting repetitive, but girl scout, red, etc. etc. "Apple CEO Tim Cook and Valve head Gabe Newell did not actually meet last week as rumored, according to a new podcast interview with Newell." You don't say. Pattern recognition, folks.
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Red Girl Scout
by Actinium on Sat 21st Apr 2012 03:17 UTC
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What exactly is but girl scout, red, etc. etc??

Thom's fetish??

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RE: Red Girl Scout
by Thom_Holwerda on Sat 21st Apr 2012 09:40 UTC in reply to "Red Girl Scout"
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Heh no (that would be illegal) - it's from this old cartoon called Cow & Chicken, from Cartoon Network. It was supposedly for children, but it was incredibly dark and mature. It's a sarcastic way of expressing being surprised, kind of like "You don't say..." in a sarcastic tone.

The full quote: "Well paint me red and call me a girl scout."

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RE[2]: Red Girl Scout
by stripe4 on Sun 22nd Apr 2012 20:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Red Girl Scout"
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Or better yet, shave my legs and call me grandpa!
Yeah, the question - how on earth could that cartoon be aired on CN, leaves me wondering up to this very day.

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Secrecy is their middle name.
by p13. on Sat 21st Apr 2012 10:27 UTC
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You know they'd never admit to any meeting.

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screamingturnip Member since:

Actually in this century 2 CEOs are allowed to love each other openly.

...I apologize.

Honestly never thought of Valve as that secretive of a company.

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