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Amiga & AROS

A-EON Technology is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Warp3D Nova, its advanced 2D/3D shader based graphics system for AmigaOS 4 supporting selected RadeonHD 7xxx and Radeon Rx graphics cards with Southern Islands series GPUs.

Warp3D Nova delivers shader-based 3D graphics acceleration along with perpixel lighting and fluid rendering of larger vertex arrays as well as many other advanced graphics features. The addition of programmable shaders gives AmigaOS 4 developers an exciting new world of graphics possibilities. Warp3D Nova is a huge leap forward over earlier Warp3D and MiniGL implementations.

The AmigaOS clearly isn't the state of the art any longer - in case you've been living under a rock - but I am always surprised by the amount of development the platform is still seeing. Great work.

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Missing r in href of link
by jscipione on Mon 28th Mar 2016 20:57 UTC
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You are missing the r in the href parameter of the link in the story, that's why clicking the link doesn't work.

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Nifty! More demos soon!
by uridium on Mon 28th Mar 2016 23:55 UTC
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I still love playing around with my m68k and much newer PPC Amiga's. This'll be a welcome addition ;)

Thanks A-EON!

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Would be nice if...
by leech on Tue 29th Mar 2016 02:06 UTC
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someone would write a warp3d driver for Radeons on the 68k. They have the Voodoo one, but no Radeon love. So of course that means people charge nasty prices for the Voodoo cards.

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RE: Would be nice if...
by daedalus on Tue 29th Mar 2016 08:23 UTC in reply to "Would be nice if..."
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I don't think that's because of the 68k Amiga demand for Voodoo cards, since some of them which are completely unsupported on the Amiga are also listed at crazy prices. There's a new in box Voodoo 2 listed on eBay for £117 for example, and another Voodoo 2 for £90. For the most part, Voodoo 2 and 3 cards are more or less the same price, even though there aren't any Amiga drivers for the Voodoo 2.

Warp3D drivers would of course be very welcome for the Radeons however, don't get me wrong. Once you can find one that physically works with your Mediator (3.3V/5V etc.), they're a great card.

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RE[2]: Would be nice if...
by uridium on Tue 29th Mar 2016 21:03 UTC in reply to "RE: Would be nice if..."
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I think the potential audience is pretty small. I've got a towerised A1200 and a chunkised a3000ux with a MediatorTX/mediator3000 and Radeons, Ethernets ..blah blah, spider usb.. rah rah.

It's been more than 5-6 years since I've seen anyone with a similar (or easily better) config.

I think the number of people running these sorts of things are getting thin on the ground.

At least with the newer systems like my sam460ex it's easy to just get a board.

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RE[2]: Would be nice if...
by bassbeast on Wed 30th Mar 2016 01:27 UTC in reply to "RE: Would be nice if..."
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I've sold a few Voodoo cards and the reason why they are high is simple...Glide. There are plenty of retro PC gamers that want to play the games of the 90s and if you want late 90s 3D games? You want a Voodoo card.

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RE[3]: Would be nice if...
by brostenen on Wed 30th Mar 2016 08:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Would be nice if..."
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Not exactly..... Vooodoo's are a bit like the elites retro pc gfx solution. Other cards can do much about the same thing. It much more depends on what sort of motherboard you have, wich in return, drive a need for a voodoo card. Most people that are into Win9x gaming, are looking at Socket 478/775/456/754 systems and R-9XXX/GF-4xxx-to-5xxx cards for max resolution in games such as NFS-2k and UT99/Unreal. Other's that are HEAVY into retro hardware, are looking at WinXP retro gaming now, as they have explored, benchmarked and used Win9x platform to a point were it is gotten borring. Those that are paying high prices for late-90's hardware now, are really those hipsters that have stumbeled upon youtube videos of unreal and stuff. Within the retro community, there is a paradime shift towards other fields of joy now.

Voodoo cards can be found really cheap if you know were to look. eBay sucks at these thing's and are only good for those that do not know any better. 100+ dollars for a V2 card? You are getting ripped really bad. Mine was bought last year, for 7 us dollars a piece, and I am getting one V2 for free in the comming months. Got my two V3-3500 cards at a price of 11 US Dollars (not each, for both cards that is). Yeah.... Know were to look, make time to go at flea market's and so on. Invest time. Only those without time go on eBay in order to get ripped really bad.

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RE[2]: Would be nice if...
by brostenen on Wed 30th Mar 2016 08:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Would be nice if..."
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Only a Voodoo3-3500 beats a V2-SLI setup in all tests. A V3-3000 and a V2-SLI-Setup (2x12mb) are allmost equal in tests. Some times V2-SLI is faster, other times V3-3000 is faster. It all boils down to the fact that V3-AGP, really do not use that many AGP features. Hence a V3-AGP are just as fast as an V3-PCI. Hence the PCI being a lot more expensive than the AGP edition.

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Perfectly usable o/s
by yerverluvinunclebert on Tue 29th Mar 2016 23:41 UTC
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Looks like a perfectly usable o/s.

I'd love to give it a go if my hardware would support it.

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highly usable
by unclefester on Wed 30th Mar 2016 09:36 UTC
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A seated position and limited rear vision sounds just like real driving or flying.

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