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Amiga & AROS

Always after ways to push the trusty Amiga 500 to new limits, I discovered a post on the German website about someone who had fitted a graphics card to his A500. This was a feat I felt I should replicate. I'm almost, but not quite, there. However, there were lots of hoops which needed jumping through first...

It's Amiga weekend, apparently! This story is a bit more hardware-focuseed, obviously.

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Interesting now, old hat back then
by JLF65 on Mon 27th Nov 2017 00:15 UTC
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Back in the day, I had an 030 card inside, and a Slingshot on the outside. I had an EMPLANT card in one slot to do AppleTalk and SCSI, and a Piccolo video card in the other. I knew plenty of folks with similar setups. You could really squeeze a lot out of those old 500s. ;)

One note - with the 030 card (with 8MB of ram) inside, you couldn't power the slingshot from the computer, even with a higher power supply like the Phoenix. I had to use another power supply to power the Slingshot and the SCSI drive.

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Comment by akshat1984
by akshat1984 on Mon 27th Nov 2017 12:30 UTC
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That is quite an achievement. Great !

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Comment by zima
by zima on Mon 27th Nov 2017 13:31 UTC
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