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Original OSNews Interviews Today, we feature an interview with Ted Haeger, director of marketing for Novell Linux Desktop.
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by Anonymous on Wed 10th Nov 2004 07:18 UTC

Never send your answers before you're done! ;-)

by Eugenia on Wed 10th Nov 2004 07:23 UTC

He was done, he just said that it wasn't decided when Beagle would be considered stable to be part of a Novell release. He could have elaborated more, of course...

by Anonymous on Wed 10th Nov 2004 08:31 UTC

I can't tell you how much I wouldn't want this guys job. It might sound like a great position, but he is standing mighty damn close to the fire.
Hats off to you Ted, you damn sure got a pair hangin.

What does "TBD" mean?
by Anonymous on Wed 10th Nov 2004 08:56 UTC

For those of us not in the know: what does "TBD" mean?

Thank you.

RE: What does "TBD" mean?
by Niek on Wed 10th Nov 2004 09:11 UTC

niek@powerbak ~ $ wtf is tbd
TBD: to be {decided,determined,done}

by jophn deo on Wed 10th Nov 2004 11:15 UTC

Both KDE and Gnome included!,thank you.

sorry Novell
by jgb_jgb on Wed 10th Nov 2004 11:41 UTC

i subscribed long time ago , to get one copy of the NDL. after some time got a mail (spam:) that i could download a evaluation copy, but limited one.

thats ok, I could buy it to support you.....

but wait, I can download other distros who dont limit my computer. and buy it to support it

i bought JDS from , got burned

RE: What does "TBD" mean?
by darren on Wed 10th Nov 2004 12:13 UTC

"To be determined"

He said that because there's no clear answer at this time.

What is limited about it
by Anonymous on Wed 10th Nov 2004 12:23 UTC

What is limited about the eval version? Will it stop working after some time?

by Anonymous on Wed 10th Nov 2004 12:31 UTC

No, there are no restrictions, except for update support (30 days). But you can add another update server to red carpet, if you like.

Another update server
by Kenneth on Wed 10th Nov 2004 12:47 UTC

Do you know another update server than? because I am going to install it now ;)


RE: Another update server
by AU on Wed 10th Nov 2004 13:07 UTC

Huh, not that fast! I just know, but there you only get updates for mono, evolution etc. So, I'm not sure if there is a free update server for _every_ package. Sorry for confusion.

Standing mighty damn close to the fire
by Ted Haeger on Wed 10th Nov 2004 15:47 UTC

Hey Annie Nomus:

"I can't tell you how much I wouldn't want this guys job. It might sound like a great position, but he is standing mighty damn close to the fire.
Hats off to you Ted, you damn sure got a pair hangin."

It's a thrill ride, to be sure. I'm learning a lot, and blogging my experiences at


@ jgb_jgb
by A Dual Booter on Wed 10th Nov 2004 16:31 UTC

Novell Desktop Linux is not and never was meant for the home desktop user. You could not "buy it to support you" anyway, as in the interview he makes the point that NDL is not available via retail.

by Lovechild on Wed 10th Nov 2004 17:17 UTC

great this seems to be perfect for my laptop, I only hope someone will setup a XD unstable like channel for us who like to break stuff.

@A Dual Booter
by AU on Wed 10th Nov 2004 17:25 UTC

What a pity! I like it much more than the "retail version" SUSE 9.2. I would buy NLD, if I could.

Buying NLD
by lupin on Wed 10th Nov 2004 18:04 UTC

I heard that it would b available Friday from the Novell site for $35.00. This was on the discussion from another Novell OSNews article.

@lupin, RE: Buying NLD
by A Dual Booter on Wed 10th Nov 2004 18:13 UTC

From what I've read on the Novell site, $35 is the per seat price for their Volume Licensing Agreement, not necessarily for individual consumption. I could be wrong, but I've always heard from Novell that NLD is targeted at businesses, whereas SuSE is their home desktop/enthusiast product.

RE: Available Friday
by Devilotx on Wed 10th Nov 2004 18:14 UTC

I downloaded it from Novell's site 2 days ago, I've got it installed already, it seems pretty nice but to be honest I've not been able to play with it much as of yet.

Buying NLD
by lupin on Wed 10th Nov 2004 18:36 UTC

I guess you could possibly get it through CDW (they have SUSE Enterprise Server so they may carry NLD as well)...

by Anand on Wed 10th Nov 2004 21:22 UTC

Tried NLD for 2 days, If you used Suse 9.0 I see no difference between NLD and Suse 9.0. The only thing cool about NLD was its beautiful bootsplash. I thought Ximian Gnome would continue to be beautiful like before but I guess apart from seeing the NLD version to be same as Suse 9.2 I really see no point going for NLD. I had to recompile the Kernel on my laptop to get the bootsplash and ndiswrapper work. I was not impressed by the included KDE 3.2 my biggest grime was -> Why do I have to rearrange the Menu after reinstall why cant a stock install look good. I guess suse need to work seriously on Ironing the initial Menu/Desktop look, I think I like fedora in those respects.

Extending my congratulations to Novell
by Lovechild on Thu 11th Nov 2004 02:46 UTC

on a damn fine product, I simply love the text rendering in NLD.. aside being a version behind GNOME and installing a few apps that weren't really needed (gnome office apps when OOo is installed) and it missing MonoDevelop and muine, this is one of the years best Linux surprises.

I hate the fact that it installs all that KDE junk when I select the GNOME option, but once you see this baby in action it just melds your heart, crisp text, polish up the *beep*. Aside Fedora Core this is the only distro to actually give me danish OOo when I select danish in the installer, sadly that didn't go for Firefox, and lots of the distros own stuff isn't translated either.

I'm fairly impressed with NLD, after 2 disaterous SuSE releases that broke my beloved GNOME in fairly interesting ways this one behaves quite nicely under most conditions.

I like it.. it fits a enterprise desktop nicely I think, and it certainly does okay on my desktop as well.

Rather Pointless Really
by David on Thu 11th Nov 2004 21:04 UTC

The "recent SuSE" to which you refer must be SUSE LINUX Professional 9.2, which is a product Novell produces for Linux enthusiasts and makes available through retail channels.

Goodness me, he refers to Suse virtually as a bolt-on alien organisation. The Linux enthusiast and retail channel is the only market that currently works, it has to be pointed out.

5. How far away is Beagle from entering a Novell product release?

How about sometime never? People, and you, were complaining about about the fact that basic things couldn't even be done on desktop Linux in another article and you're asking if a simple search system is going to be made available that's written in a totally unproven programming technology?! Trust me - Beagle is slower than hell, especially if you start turning the stuff on that's actually going to be useful.

Bluetooth, phones, and those kind of things will follow as we expand our target segments. But we need to execute first in the target spaces we have set for this release.

Best thing said in the interview - it's just a pity Novell are not following that advice for everything and have not set realistic target spaces.

Ted Haeger: .....We consider our major differentiators to be qualities about our offering, not features. That is, "Powered by SUSE LINUX" means that Novell Linux Desktop has been tested and refined to have the known reliability and securability (yes, we made that word up) for which SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server has been recognized for years.

What an absolutely, totally meaningless answer to this question:

7. What are the main technical differences between SuSE's Linux and Novell Desktop? Is YaST the same as in SuSE's latest release?

In other words there's absolutely no difference whatsoever.

ZENworks (ex-RedCarpet)

Zenworks is a heck of a lot more then Red Carpet (always has been)! The only thing that came out of Red Carpet was some of the package management and dependency management code.

Also included is updates to any newer version of Novell Linux Desktop.

Well I suppose there will have to be, won't there?

Corel Wordperfect Suite
by Jason on Fri 12th Nov 2004 04:38 UTC

I think Novell should purchase Corel and then open-source Wordperfect. This would enable them to have an office suite that either beats, matches, or comes close to MS office. I personally prefer Wordperfect to Word but that's a personal thing which has mostly to do with the reveal codes functionality. Also Novell wouldn't be dependent upon Sun to give them an office suite that matches MS Office 97 or maybe 2000 if Openoffice is configured properly.
Another option would be to invest in the GNOME or KDE office apps, other than Evolution and Kontact.

Another Update Server
by Dave on Thu 18th Nov 2004 15:19 UTC

You can get updates and additional software that will work on Suse 9.1, 9.2, SLES 9, NLD 9 by adding to the red-carept services list. The will add a ton of channel's that you can subscribe to if you so chose. Currently you won't get security updates or kernel updates for anything but 9.1 however 9.2 will eventlually be added. SLES 9 and NLD 9 (which is based on SLES 9) will never have updates to the kernel or security avaliable this way, however you can still use it to update apps. For example I'm using Suse 9.1 with 2.6.5-757.inotify.2-default kernel and Gnome 2.8 as well as Kde 3.3 all updated via red-carpet. I also installed the ifolder rpm from the NLD disc and the Custom OpenOffice from NLD disk on my 9.1 box. I believe this puts me ahead (for the most part) of what is included with 9.2. All though I did pay for the retail 9.1 Pro I clould have accomplished all of this for free by doing the ftp install of the base OS.