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RE: Hmm (posted 2009-02-27 12:27:26)
Score: 1
1 response(s), 1 in thread
Attached to: Muglia: Open Source To Permeate Microsoft
What good is HTML5 audio/video support... (posted 2009-02-24 16:25:41)
Score: 15
3 response(s), 18 in thread
Attached to: Safari 4 Beta: Apple Leap-Frog Google
RE[2]: Dell R&D (posted 2009-02-02 22:47:16)
Score: 2
Attached to: WSJ: Dell To Enter Smartphone Market
RE: Interesting year for netbooks (posted 2009-01-14 09:31:08)
Score: 2
Attached to: Via's Nano Plans: Too Little, Too Late?
RE: Not news (posted 2008-07-28 19:30:36)
Score: 10
5 response(s), 5 in thread
Attached to: Novell: Not Really Open
RE: They know what they are doing (posted 2008-07-08 15:37:05)
Score: 2
1 response(s), 1 in thread
Attached to: Time Warner Cable: Caps 'Make Your Internet Experience Better'
RE: Comment by MrEs (posted 2008-07-03 02:17:56)
Score: 3
2 response(s), 3 in thread
Attached to: Can Hyper-V Succeed In Heterogeneous Datacenters?
RE[3]: Just another good reason to use Theora (posted 2008-02-25 11:32:29)
Score: 5
Attached to: Adobe Pushes DRM for Flash
RE[2]: It says it all (posted 2008-01-07 02:54:22)
Score: 8
2 response(s), 2 in thread
Attached to: Windows Mobile 7 To Focus on Touch, Motion Gestures
Jonathan's blog (posted 2007-11-16 14:49:51)
Score: 2
Attached to: Dell to Offer Sun's Solaris, OpenSolaris in Servers
Jonathan's blog post (posted 2007-08-16 23:46:15)
Score: 4
Attached to: IBM To Implement Sun Solaris on x86-Based System x
If Windows drivers are that bad... (posted 2007-08-10 23:20:42)
Score: 5
1 response(s), 7 in thread
Attached to: ATI Driver Flaw Exposes Vista Kernel to Attackers
RE: Advertising (posted 2007-08-10 23:10:32)
Score: 4
Attached to: Jonathan Schwartz on Sun's Open-Source Business Strategy
RE[2]: Wow (posted 2007-07-24 22:35:53)
Score: 5
Attached to: Why I Quit: Kernel Developer Con Kolivas
RE[2]: the whole world isn't the USA (posted 2007-05-25 19:35:59)
Score: 3
1 response(s), 2 in thread
Attached to: Dell Goes Ubuntu; 'Windows Tax' Is USD 50 According to Pricing