AnandTech’s Nexus 6 review

Update: Ars Technica’s comprehensive Lollipop review is a great companion to the Nexus 6 review.

Nexus 6 reviews are hitting the web all over the place, but as a general rule of thumb, the only one that matters comes from AnandTech. They conclude:

Overall, I think that Google and Motorola have built a solid device. It isn’t without its issues, but there’s a lot to like, even if you’re someone who has never used a phablet before. I had always been somewhat of a skeptic regarding massive phones; I didn’t understand the appeal. But after using one, I can see how having a massive display to view all your content can be really beneficial by enabling forms of productivity that simply can’t be done comfortably on smaller devices, and by making activities like viewing photos and watching videos significantly more engrossing. Not only did it change my mind about the appeal of phablets, it also changed my mind about Google’s ability to compete in the premium device segment of the market. The Nexus 6 holds its own against all the other high end devices that we’ve seen released this year, although the Galaxy Note 4 with its more phablet oriented software features and hardware advantages might be a better device overall. But those who want a large device and value having software support directly from Google won’t be disappointed by the Nexus 6.

It’s too big for my tastes – I prefer the 4.5″-5.0″ mark – but even so, it’s a little sad Google didn’t try to make better use of the large display through software tricks. I had hoped that such a large Nexus phone, paired with the new Nexus 9, would finally urge Google to add proper multiwindow to Android (just copy Windows 8’s Metro multiwindow. Microsoft got it right), but alas, they did not.


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