Linked by David Adams on Sat 17th Jul 2010 15:42 UTC, submitted by Matthew Humphries
Privacy, Security, Encryption The most vulnerable and exploitable operating system ever!
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I'm more interested...
by Almafeta on Sat 17th Jul 2010 17:47 UTC
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... in the security tutorials shown in the last sentence of the linked article. c.c;

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And still...
by judgen on Sun 18th Jul 2010 11:35 UTC
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Old news but back to the point... Ít is still less vulnerable than Windows 98 or system 6.

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v RE: And still...
by gnufreex on Sun 18th Jul 2010 14:43 UTC in reply to "And still..."
RE[2]: And still...
by lucas_maximus on Sun 18th Jul 2010 17:41 UTC in reply to "RE: And still..."
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Yes that is why I have problems at my old Job with rooted Linux boxes and all the Win 2k3 machines were perfectly alright. It all depends on how a particular machine is setup.

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