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Syllable, AtheOS The Io Language, has been ported to Syllable by Kas de Vos. Here is a screenshot.
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by Gabriel Ebner on Sun 4th Apr 2004 20:15 UTC

Never heard of that language before. Are there any links to that? Googling for Io just returns nothing relevant.

As for, finally they got a decent domain name!

re: Io?
by aurora on Sun 4th Apr 2004 20:27 UTC

you can find more on Io on the following website:

by Bram on Sun 4th Apr 2004 20:35 UTC

Has anyone written any (useful, aka non-hello world) programmes in this particular language? I couldn't exactly find any self-promotional code on their site ..

io is nice because..
by vel on Sun 4th Apr 2004 21:44 UTC

..because it seem smalltalk or self but little simplified.

But I'd stick with ruby until the author adds first class reified continuations ;)

be quick! you are in the race to be the 5th language to use call/cc (scheme,SML/NJ,unlambda and ruby), caus JavaScript has them in some impls

RE: re: Io?
by Gabriel Ebner on Sun 4th Apr 2004 22:02 UTC

Cool language.

From what I see, it has addons for OpenGL and FreeType, does it also have some sort of GUI support?

What was ported?
by Gabriel Ebner on Sun 4th Apr 2004 22:06 UTC

What did actually get ported?

AFAIK syllable is ~POSIX-compliant and Io is written in ANSI C. Did you need to port the core or did you just port some of the addons?

by Luke McCarthy on Sun 4th Apr 2004 22:21 UTC

Syllable's looking good at the mo'. I wonder if I'll get it to install one day (I could never find how to install grub, the installer gave no guidance so my installs were all 'broken'. PartitionMagic seems to delete grub anyway, so I use the NT loader to boot a LILO image for Linux).

Io, hmm... Someone noted on Slashdot that there is a trend at the moment for prototype object languages. And VMs. Ahh VMs. They seem pretty hip too. Is it a 'functional' language? (I dislike that term since it is quite vague.)

Heh I love the new-ish preview button :-)

by Anonymous on Sun 4th Apr 2004 22:40 UTC

After the initial install is complete you need to boot the cd again and use the grub commands.

Read the section "Installing the bootloader"

RE: What was ported?
by Kaj de Vos on Mon 5th Apr 2004 00:09 UTC

"What did actually get ported?

AFAIK syllable is ~POSIX-compliant and Io is written in ANSI C. Did you need to port the core or did you just port some of the addons?"

The port required the huge effort of adding the word "syllable" at the right place in the makefile. :-) That may not be worth much, but if you call it a port, it gets you an article on OSNews. ;-)

Actually, Syllable has a ports tree where I added a package description for Io consisting of a patch and a build recipe:
So even if the porting was not much work, I still routinely call it a port.

That said, being POSIX-compatible does not guarantee that porting a package is easy. There are many levels of POSIX-compatibility, and Syllable does not conform to all. Besides, there's much more functionality to an operating system than just POSIX. Third-party software is usually for Unix and often for Linux in particular, which may involve system-specific code. That's why we just spent two years part-time and three months full-time on porting GCC 3 and Binutils 2.14. Still, a lot of third-party software that is less system-specific can indeed be ported to Syllable quite easily.

Cooperative multitasking?
by Gabriel Ebner on Mon 5th Apr 2004 00:36 UTC

I'm just through the Manual and quite wondering whether Io is really using cooperative multitasking?

SiS 9xx NIC driver
by Vanders on Mon 5th Apr 2004 06:55 UTC

Michael Krueger has ported the SiS 9xx NIC driver: I havn't heard of any reports of failure or success yet so I have no idea if it works! Michael is also still working on the Radeon driver, fixing R350 support and adding custom modeline support.

by Software on Mon 5th Apr 2004 09:12 UTC

I don't know if it's just me, but the Icon for Syllable is brooken in the Today's Headlines.

Syllable mailing list archives?
by Adam on Mon 5th Apr 2004 13:31 UTC

Does anyone know where/if the mailing list archives are available?

Unfortunately, sourceforge keeps insisting that "Either your mailing list name was misspelled or your mailing list has not been archived yet". I'm hoping that there's an archive of it elsewhere.

BTW, has anyone else noticed that the atheos website is gone. Seems that Kurt never renewed registration for the site. Anyone think he will at this point?


Re: Syllable mailing list archives?
by Vanders on Mon 5th Apr 2004 14:03 UTC

They wern't working for a long time, then a few days ago they were, now they're not again. Someone should start a sweapstake on when they'll be working again..

Sometimes, ...
by Knoffer on Mon 5th Apr 2004 14:19 UTC

Sometimes, it is interesting who have created the port.
Look at the screenshot. It is hosted on the iolanguage-side, not on the Syllable-side.

So, it is IO who says "Look, how different systems we support". It is not Syllable, who says "Look, how much languages and programs we support".

It is Syllable, which is more known, and io want to be it, too.

Btw: Io have ported its program to Zeta, too:

But the interesting part is, that Io support generally a VM, server add ons and UI addons:

But the screenhots of Syllable and Zeta only show little CLI-"Hello World"-programs.

You know, that Zeta and Syllable are using gcc/g++.
Both are in a lot of part POSIX-compatible.
So, it don't surprised me, that a little text-based language runs on so different systems. The hard wort are ports of GUI-specific parts and so on. But it seams, that this isn't ported to Syllable and Zeta.

Re: Sometimes, ..
by Knoffer on Mon 5th Apr 2004 14:24 UTC

"The hard wort are ..."

Oh, I have pressed on the wrong key. There must stand

"The hard work are ..."

RE: Sometimes, ...
by Kaj de Vos on Mon 5th Apr 2004 14:44 UTC

Knoffer, I agree that OSNews makes it hard on you by calling me Kas, but your analysis by screenshot is wrong. I'm associated with the Syllable project, not the Io project, and it's my name there in the Syllable ports tree and in the screenshot. I found Io, made that screenshot and sent it to Io's author. On his request, alright, but I believe he didn't know Syllable before that. I think the BeOS port happened in the same way. Now we're cooperating and just glad about some mutual publicity. Is that hard to believe?

You're right that this is only the start of cooperation between Io and Syllable. I was a bit surprised by the interest from several sides, so I quickly released an IoVM package of the basic language core. Speaking for myself, that's all I need for now, but I will go on to look into porting IoServer, IoDesktop and most of the add-ons. That will probably be more difficult than getting IoVM to work, but I'm not expecting too many problems with it. And after that, we should indeed look into creating bindings with native Syllable APIs, like the GUI. That will be a lot more work, but I believe Io will make this easier than most other languages.

If you are not impressed until we have all of that, you can always volunteer.