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TomsHardware: Stop Smothering AMD

"AMD fanboys have taken on the characteristics of Apple computer lovers, and are hell bent on destroying the plucky little microprocessor vendor with smothering love, if you can call it love. They're trashing the company. For the love of AMD, let's all stake our claim to independence and run the colonizing freakazoids off the Web before they impose more of their imperious ways on the rest of the PC market. Happy fourth." Read the editorial at TomsHardware.

Flexible Hammer Knocks on Server Doors

AMD touts Athlon and Opteron, pointing out that Hammer-based servers don't require different chipsets for systems with one, two, four or eight processors--unlike Intel-based machines. Via will release its first Hammer chipsets in late 2002, the same time the chip will begin to ship to manufacturers. MandrakeSoft will adapt its distribution of Linux to Advanced Micro Devices' next-generation chip platform, the companies said on Thursday.

AMD, Microsoft Firm up 64-bit Deal

"Both Microsoft and AMD have taken the unusual step of re-affirming their collaboration on 64-bit computing. The companies issued a joint press release in Taiwan today claiming that future Microsoft Windows operating systems and AMD's K8 family, formerly codenamed Hammer, would be developed closely together." Read the report at the Inquirer.

AMD Signs 64-Bit MIPS Processor License

"AMD signed an agreement with MIPS Technologies Inc. for 64-bit technology, complementing the Alchemy design team already in place at AMD. AMD, Sunnyvale, Calif. said it will license the MIPS64 architecture for an undisclosed period of time, allowing the processor company a growth path for embedded devices. AMD already owns a 32-bit MIPS license through the Alchemy Semiconductor design group AMD acquired in February." Read the rest of the report at ExtremeTech.

Microsoft To Support AMD’s Hammer 64-Bit CPU

"Microsoft Corp. is finally expected to formally announce that it will support AMD's 64-bit "Hammer" line in future operating systems, sources said Tuesday. Sources within AMD, Sunnyvale, Calif., said that the company will announce the Hammer support in a press conference tomorrow at 4:30 PM, after the market closes. In a notice sent to press and analysts, AMD described the press conference as one where the company 'answers the 64-bit question'." Read the rest of the report at ExtremeTech. Update: Read more for a leaked memo. Update 2 AMD has renamed its "Hammer" 64-bit server line with the "Opteron" brand name.

AMD Shows Hammer Outside Intel Show

"AMD showed off prototypes of its x86-64 Hammer technology yesterday even as Intel Corp failed to dampen speculation that it is developing a similar hybrid technology,Joe Fay writes. AMD's Hammer technology is designed to support both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and applications and yesterday the vendor for the first time publicly demonstrated Hammer chips running Windows XP and a 64 bit version of Linux. The demonstration was held just a few blocks away from the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco." Read the rest of the report at TheRegister.

AMD Confirms Details of Hammer Chipsets

"AMD made public some of its details regarding its 64-bit Hammer chipsets, now to be known as the 8000 series of products. The initial members of the 8000 series will feature an I/O hub, a graphics tunnel, and a PCI-X tunnel. The components will use the HyperTransport I/O protocol developed by AMD and are due in the fourth quarter of 2002, AMD said." Read the rest of the report at ExtremeTech.

On Hammer Processors and Their Performance

Two slides of an AMD presentation were leaked to a Czech web site and they show the SPECInt 2000 CPU benchmark performance results of the upcoming AMD 64-bit CPU, Hammer. In the two charts you will see the Hammer scoring best performance among Intel, HP, IBM, Alpha and other CPUs. The Hammer CPU is expected to be released at the end of 2002, after slipping the original release date of March 2002.

The Full AMD Roadmap

AMD will drive its Hammer family of 64-bit processors into the mobile market in the second half of 2003, a year or so after it makes its debut in servers, the company revealed at its analysts confab yesterday. However, the company also revealed their full roadmap with details about their desktop add the ClawHammer CPUs.

AMD & Nvidia to Bring High Performance Motherboard

AMD and Nvidia will make a show of nForce next week, reports. The new Nvidia nForce chipset for AMD Athlon/Duron, announced in June, will make its debut next week in motherboards and desktop PCs, an Nvidia representative said. nForce takes risks in that it aims to create a market niche where none existed before, a middle-of-the-road between high-end chipsets with no graphics and low-price chipsets with integrated graphics. Past integrated graphics chipsets, whether for Intel or AMD, have been aimed mainly at the low end of the PC market, where reducing costs is the primary goal and performance is only a secondary consideration.

AMD’s Hammer Architecture – Making Sense of it All

"Judging a book by its cover alone would mean that AMD's Hammer architecture would be used in the first 64-bit x86 microprocessors. We already know that Intel has taken a route away from x86 for their 64-bit solution, Itanium which uses a new instruction set architecture (ISA) called EPIC. The point of this article is to not only examine the pros and cons of AMD's extension of the 32-bit x86 ISA but also the rest of the story when it comes to Hammer since there is a lot more to this architecture than a few more registers and greater memory addressability." Anandtech explains it all for you.