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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless According to Trend Micro, BlackBerry 7 is the most secure enterprise-ready mobile operating system. "When it comes to individual platforms, the experts' analysis clearly points out that some operating systems are more mature than others. BlackBerry OS scores very highly across the board, clearly separated from the group of the three emerging consumer mobile platforms. Corporate-grade security and manageability make this platform the option of choice for the most stringent mobile roles."
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Microsoft invests in RIM?
by Priest on Thu 12th Apr 2012 12:49 UTC
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Saw this article yesterday:

It says Microsoft is investing 3.5 billion in RIM. I also saw in another article that "RIM said it will stop issuing financial forecasts and that it was reviewing strategic options, such as entering partnerships and joint ventures."

Their stock is down 75% in a year and they have lost important mind share. Notice the lack of comments in this article? It wouldn't even matter if BB7 was amazing, people have already shifted focus and the vultures are circling.

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BBs are still pretty good.
by SaidinUnleashed on Thu 12th Apr 2012 13:38 UTC
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My wife recently got a BB 9900 with BB7 on it, and I have to say, it's pretty awesome. Big screen with a nice pixel density, and a decent touchscreen for people who like that. Meanwhile, it still has a trackpad and keyboard, for those of us that send dozens or hundreds of messages a day from our phones.

Plus, BBs are among the only phones that people with the kind of hearing loss (which is very, very common) that I have can actually make phone calls on. I can't even hear that people are talking on an iDroid thing, much less understand them.

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