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Alan Kay recently loaned his 1970's Xerox Alto to Y Combinator and I'm helping with the restoration of this legendary system. The Alto was the first computer designed around a graphical user interface and introduced Ethernet and the laser printer to the world. The Alto also was one of the first object-oriented systems, supporting the Mesa and Smalltalk languages. The Alto was truly revolutionary when it came out in 1973, designed by computer pioneer Chuck Thacker.

This is just great. All-around great. No possible way to snark, be cynical, blame it on Android updates or iOS walled gardens - just plain old great. Be sure to watch the introductory video, and definitely don't forget part one of the restoration, with more sure to follow.

Goosebumps the entire time. I would give a lot to be in that room.

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Comment by burnttoys
by burnttoys on Mon 20th Jun 2016 12:26 UTC
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If I were in that room I hope I wouldn't be to _too_ much of a hurry!

Kudos to those guys for being methodical and thorough.

I'll enjoy seeing it running.

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Keeping History alive...
by dionicio on Mon 20th Jun 2016 16:25 UTC
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Is one of my favorite themes...

Killing History is one of the Strongest Tools of Tyranny.

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Bad, bad capacitors !!
by acobar on Mon 20th Jun 2016 17:45 UTC
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Causing trouble to devices since the beginning of the electronics revolution. Did you hear me, you are nasty guys ! ;)

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AD Blockers
by zzarko on Mon 20th Jun 2016 21:08 UTC
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From the article:
Amazingly, Alan Kay even predicted ad blockers in his 1972 Dynabook paper: "One can imagine one of the first programs an owner will write is a filter to eliminate advertising!"

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Look at those screen shots!
by ThomasFuhringer on Tue 21st Jun 2016 07:30 UTC
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They already had flat design.

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