Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 15th Dec 2004 12:43 UTC, submitted by Andy McLaughlin
OSNews, Generic OSes The 0.5 release of Visopsys is now available to coincide with the initial public release of "Partition Logic": a small, GPLed, standalone graphical partitioning utility based on Visopsys.
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NTFS support?
by AnonCow on Wed 15th Dec 2004 12:55 UTC

Does anyone knows if Partition Logic supports backing up and restoring of NTFS partitions? There isn't too much info on the site.

Re: NTFS support?
by The Brave Coward on Wed 15th Dec 2004 13:23 UTC

Dunno - but partimage can do this. It's not officially supported - but I've never made a bad expirience when imaginging/restoring NTFS partitions with it.

BTW: The most useful tool for HD-imaging : TrueImage. I've tested and used a lot of Imaging-Tools - but TrueImage 7.0 by Acronis is currently my favourite ... check it out - and it's also not expensive ...

by Christoph on Wed 15th Dec 2004 13:28 UTC

Looks great. This for sure is one way to do something useful on top of a small operating system. I wonder if any partitioning tool will ever support the alteration of BSD slices (damn complicated I guess, but...)

RE: TrueImage
by Kevin on Wed 15th Dec 2004 13:52 UTC

Have you tested Ghost for Unix ? It's free (as in speech and beer) and copies hard drives on a (FTP) server.
As for Visopsys, 7 years to produce a 0.5 release, that's quite a code freeze...

v RE: TrueImage
by John Blink on Wed 15th Dec 2004 14:26 UTC
RE: TrueImage
by Sphinx on Wed 15th Dec 2004 14:42 UTC

7 years is not that long for only one guy in his spare time without basing it on existing code, seems to have been holding down a job and moving around a good deal of it too. Makes the from scratch bit rather believeable. One to watch even though I'm personally not a fan of native gui and prefer the graphical shell on top approach.

re: trueimage
by distantvoices on Wed 15th Dec 2004 15:10 UTC

pf ... as if you could churn out an os in a fourth of the given time, eh?

Have you taken into consideration that Mr.McLaughlin might have a job, might have to gain his living? There is more to a grown-up live than churning os code in the rest of spare time one has available after a long day of work.

BTW, it is the authors choice to have it be a 0.5 release and who are you to bickerabout that?

Good software stems from good development and that needs time. and as Mr. McLaughlin is to no one respnsible for this project but to himself, he is free to choose a timeframe which suits him best.

This visopsys release is by the way very impressive despite some quirks - which are obviously overseen due to the sheer hugeness of the project. Imagine having some finder like corner in the upper left of the screen where you can choose between applications/windows: that's cool. The window-zapp-away animation upon iconify is one of the coolest things ever.

In my own opinion, Mr. McLaughlin should consider having the popup menues be containers with window attributes,so that they can overlay whatever is on the screen, no matter what's beneath. It is cleaner to have them be windows without border, titlebar and menue(the buttons). I am doing them as windows - with border but no titlebar nor buttons -in BlueIllusionOS. *shrugs* maybe I'm just biased. :-) I'm gonna do drop down listboxen the same way - just with a small additional property so they know whether to be embedded or to popup their content-and just display the selected value.

stay safe

Not useful right now
by shekky on Wed 15th Dec 2004 19:30 UTC

From the about page:

Partition logic does not currently support the following:

* Partitioning of SCSI hard disks
* Non MS-DOS/MBR-style partition tables (i.e. Sun, BSD, EFI/GPT)
* Formatting non-FAT filesystems.
* Filesystem resizing.
* Serial mice, in graphics mode
* Keyboard layouts other than UK English and US English

*Note that some of these limitations will be addressed in the next release.

Well at least from the screenshots it can see non-FAT filesystmes

by Reader on Wed 15th Dec 2004 23:27 UTC

Aparently there are millions of alternative operating systems that I may discover some time ... Most of the worthless however ...

i like it
by poundsmack on Fri 17th Dec 2004 08:22 UTC

i think Visopsys is cool.....has a little way to go...i mean its no skyos or syllable but it defenently could be something really good