Linked by Thom Holwerda on Fri 9th Oct 2009 20:33 UTC, submitted by Moulinneuf
Multimedia, AV Hulu has finally released a Linux client, in both .rpm and .deb, 32bit and 64bit. "Hulu Desktop for Linux is currently built on Fedora 11 and Ubuntu 9.04. The packages should also work on any Linux distribution with glib2.16 (such as Ubuntu 8.04+ and Fedora 9+). Other configurations have not been tested." Only useful inside the US, us peasants in the rest of the world will have to resort to torrents.
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Link dead
by Coldfirex on Fri 9th Oct 2009 20:39 UTC
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Link no workie.

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RE: Link dead
by procco on Fri 9th Oct 2009 20:48 UTC in reply to "Link dead"
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The link should be

Edited 2009-10-09 20:49 UTC

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Why would one want this?
by Blind on Fri 9th Oct 2009 20:54 UTC
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I have been using hulu in prism( for a while now, and I don't have to worry about the hulu marketing research department getting into the rest of my stuff.

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Comment by tessmonsta
by tessmonsta on Fri 9th Oct 2009 21:03 UTC
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Ooooo! Shiny.

*downloads and installs*

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Comment by at0m1e3
by at0m1e3 on Fri 9th Oct 2009 21:24 UTC
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Nice to see they included LIRC support.

You could probably do some hackery to get the Hulu window embedded in your favorite HTPC software.

Unfortunately it's all useless to me until Flash gets VDPAU support or something.

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RE: Comment by at0m1e3
by DataPath on Fri 9th Oct 2009 21:33 UTC in reply to "Comment by at0m1e3"
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Reports I've seen elsewhere are that this application does not use flash, and that the "fullscreen experience" is what you'd expect from other regular video players on linux.

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RE[2]: Comment by at0m1e3
by Blind on Fri 9th Oct 2009 21:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by at0m1e3"
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Does Hulu Desktop for Linux require Flash?
Yes, you must have Adobe Flash Player 9.0.124 or higher installed. If you can load and watch videos on, you should be able to use Hulu Desktop for Linux.

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Us peasant just need a US IP
by kragil on Sat 10th Oct 2009 00:05 UTC
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Just get a cheap VPS with 20 to 40 GB a month and you are good for Hulu.

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What's the point?
by massysett on Sat 10th Oct 2009 00:32 UTC
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If it is just using Flash, then it's just doing what my browser already does. I can already use Hulu from Firefox on Linux. So what's the point of installing special client software?

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by motang on Sat 10th Oct 2009 19:04 UTC
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I was really surprised by this move and welcomed it with open arms!

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What about the rest of the world Hulu?
by porcel on Sun 11th Oct 2009 16:48 UTC
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One day this will news will mean something to people out of the US.

Hulu has been claiming that they were about to work out distribution rights for Europe forever. Too little, too late.

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by Zifre on Sun 11th Oct 2009 22:51 UTC
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I just installed it and the video is incredibly choppy. My machine is not that fast, but it has no problem playing 1280 x 720 H.264 videos (and with no GPU acceleration). This thing can't play videos at about 300 x 200!

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