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Intel Intel has responded to the Federal Trade Commission's antitrust investigation, unsurprisingly challenging the FTC's allegations as well as criticizing the agency for what the company calls an attempt "to turn Intel into a public utility".
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School bullies are like this
by theosib on Sun 17th Jan 2010 17:33 UTC
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Companies like Intel remind me of high school bullies. They beat up on other kids but when they get caught, they're prepared with plenty of arguments about how the other kid started the fight or whatever. Most importantly, nothing is ever their fault in their minds, and they never take responsibility for the harm they cause. Sometimes, the harm caused isn't intentional, and in that case, they're even less willing to admit culpability. If they didn't intend something, it CAN'T be their fault, and if they took action that might cause harm, well, it was everyone else's responsibility to get out of the way.

Intel's monopoly is like a slightly scaled-down version of Microsoft's. There is a bit more competition. The thing is certain tactics that are used by smaller companies (e.g. deep volume discounts that take you to nearly zero profit) are things that the monopolies can afford to do but shouldn't be allowed to do.

Intel is going to fight this tooth and nail. It's the nature of businesses to be psychopathic. The people involved aren't psychopathic, and the they can't see the bigger picture of the side-effects of that the business as a whole does. No one person will admit wrong-doing because the wrong-doing wasn't the decision of any one person.

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