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The Contiki operating system, known for its super-slim IPv6 stack, has been updated to version 2.7 with support for new Systems-on-a-Chip: single-chip devices with a microprocessor and an integrated 2.4 GHz radio. This new version has a much strengthened IPv6 wireless mesh networking setup that allows a bunch of chips to autonomously form wireless networks that can be connected directly to the Internet.

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Mesh networking
by Lennie on Tue 19th Nov 2013 09:37 UTC
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I didn't know Contiki had mesh networking.

That's cool.

But at first glance it doesn't look like it is interoperable with any other mesh networking protocol.

That is unfortunate.

Well, there is still a lot of research in the field. So maybe that is OK at this point.

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Comment by MOS6510
by MOS6510 on Wed 20th Nov 2013 12:19 UTC
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People complain about too much mobile phone and patent news, they (me included) want more "real" OS news.

When it does appear, on the rare occasion, there are almost no comments.

It seems phones 'n' patents are subjects people only get enough passionate about to write comments.

Go figure.

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by username2 on Fri 22nd Nov 2013 17:37 UTC
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are there a new Apple II version too?

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