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Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy Note8, revealing the (rather heavily-leaked) device at its Unpacked event in New York City today. You won't be surprised to know that it comes with little in the way of surprises. It's basically a bigger Galaxy S8+ with a stylus and dual cameras.

The Note8 is something of a chance for Samsung to make things up to fans of the Note series, after the Note7 was forced off shelves because of defective batteries that led to the smartphone catching fire. Knowing that Note fans were deprived of a generation of hardware, Samsung is likely eager to capitalize on the eagerness of said fanatics to finally upgrade.

I'm not the target market for a Note, but you have to admit - these recent Samsung flagships are a far, far cry from the ugly, plasticky crap they used to make. There's no accounting for tastes - or practicality - but this Note 8 is a beautiful piece of engineering.

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ugly plastics...vs shattering glass?
by leech on Thu 24th Aug 2017 00:43 UTC
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My initial phones were motorolas, since I liked their CPUS when they still made them... but then I went Nokia for the N900 and N9, both fairly solidly built phones. Then it was Note3 and Note4. Note7 of course was temporary, and while the glass feels pretty nice, you end up covering up the whole thing so you don't crack it! With the size of this thing and the cases that I will enevitably buy, will it fit comfortably in a pocket?

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Rugged rubber
by guzzard on Thu 24th Aug 2017 06:28 UTC
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Glas might look good but it's very impractical, both slippery and breaks quite easy. I prefer a rugged rubber back such as on the Nexus 5, it's lighter, sturdier, and doesn't slip out of your hand.

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Will this suffer screen breakages
by shotsman on Thu 24th Aug 2017 06:29 UTC
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like the S8? There has been a lot of reports of how fragile the S8 screen is compared to other devices.

Are we in danger of getting into a 'my thing is bigger than your thing!' contest.
I have to wonder if this is aimed at women? Where would most men carry this? Women have handbags. Most men don't have somewhere to carry this size of device.

Yes, it looks really great but then all advertising makes things look better than they really are. That is how the ad industry works.

Even my old iPhone 6 is a bit large at times for me.
Far too expensive as well. The same will probably be said about the new iPhones when they are released next month.

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gilboa Member since:

The S8+ fits inside my pocket with zero issues.
Due to the efficient design it's barely bigger than my late Note3.

As for the fragile display, I conquer. I wouldn't dream about using it without a solid screen protector and and a good case.

- Gilboa

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Lobotomik Member since:

What is the point of investing very serious money in such a beautiful object, then hiding it in an ugly-as-shit protector? Its like wearing a pearl necklace inside a plastic bag, or installing tacky vinyl protectors over your car's leather upholstery: a 10€ wooden-bead choker, or the fabric interior would look SO much better.

I'm sure Samsung's or Apple's designers can design a tough phone that looks a million times better (and ends up being quite a bit thinner) than those ugly chinese sheaths.

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gilboa Member since:

Personally? Because my cellphone is a work tool that I use on hourly basis, second only to my high-end workstation.

Make no mistake, I would very much prefer a "tough" version of the Note8, with flat display and a plastic body.

... But as it stands, I'm forced to buy the fragile N8 and protect it...

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Comment by The123king
by The123king on Thu 24th Aug 2017 08:28 UTC
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Samsung is actually leading the field in design now. All the leaked pictures of the iPhone 8 just smack of Galaxy S8 Edge

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RE: Comment by The123king
by Lobotomik on Thu 24th Aug 2017 09:59 UTC in reply to "Comment by The123king"
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Is another billion-dollar suit coming, but this time from Seoul?

Or will Apple sue Samsung again for some patent they have that covers putting things in cases, or making stuff prettier?

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It's too big!
by cmost on Thu 24th Aug 2017 11:55 UTC
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I like to walk around without looking like I have an iPad stuffed in my pocket. Sorry Samsung, I'll keep my S8 thank you very much.

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Just one question
by darknexus on Thu 24th Aug 2017 12:56 UTC
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Will it explode on command this time, instead of randomly? ;)
edit: I am making a joke.

Edited 2017-08-24 12:56 UTC

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It's OK...
by jbauer on Thu 24th Aug 2017 16:58 UTC
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If you like your slippery bar soaps nice and shiny I guess. And your displays with lots of glare and distortion at the edges.

Otherwise, the "ugly" designs of old were actually much better. Better grip, more resilient, and since you could easily replace the battery yourself, no built-in programmed obsolescence (other than the standard pathetic Android support window, that is). And obviously, they had displays the way they're supposed to be: fucking flat.

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RE: It's OK...
by leech on Fri 25th Aug 2017 21:59 UTC in reply to "It's OK..."
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I miss flip phones myself. Nice and small in your pocket.

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this is plain ugly
by feamatar on Fri 25th Aug 2017 15:27 UTC
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I have a Note 3, and there is nothing that could convince me to replace it.

Aside from a few issues that appeared over the years, it still has good performance and good battery life.

The Note 3 is ugly, the fake leather and the fake metal frame were disgusting, but this new bezelless frame is not a step forward, and the backplate is just so-so.

The face of the Note 3 with the backplate of the Omnia II would be the ideal phone to me.

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Sweet but out of my price range....
by kryogenix on Fri 25th Aug 2017 17:32 UTC
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Looks pretty sweet but it's a bit too expensive for my budget. I'll grab one in a couple years.

I'm *VERY* happy with my Galaxy Note Edge w/ 9000mAh extended battery. The stylus is actually really useful and I'm getting more out of the curved edge display than I thought I would. The only downside is I'm stuck at Android 6 because they decided not to update past that.

It's a large phone so skinny jeans are out but I actually like larger, heavier phones as I use it more as a handheld computer than I do as a phone.

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