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BSD and Darwin derivatives 1.2.0 is the second major DragonFly release and the first one which its devs have created a separate CVS branch for. DragonFly's policy is to only commit bug fixes to release branches. This release represents a significant milestone in efforts to improve the kernel infrastructure. DragonFly is still running under the Big Giant Lock, but this will probably be the last release where that is the case.
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by Cabral on Sat 9th Apr 2005 01:56 UTC

NVIDIA drivers for FreeBSD install in Dragonfly ?

RE: no
by Jon on Sat 9th Apr 2005 02:00 UTC

There is a 2D driver for it, the Xorg driver. Dragonfly is a server OS, no reason to play games on a printer server.

RE: no
by Ronald on Sat 9th Apr 2005 03:10 UTC

Yes, DragonFlyBSD has it's own binary NVIDIA driver. You don't need the FreeBSD NVIDIA binary driver.

Re: RE: no
by Anonymous on Sat 9th Apr 2005 10:47 UTC

Dragonfly is a server OS, no reason to play games on a printer server.

Who says Dragonfly is just a server OS, eh? ;)

Re: no
by Johan Krüger-Haglert on Sat 9th Apr 2005 11:03 UTC

I'm with Ronald and Anonymous on this one.

Big Giant Lock?
by Olli on Sat 9th Apr 2005 11:22 UTC

What is this lock you are talking about?

Server os?
by Thomas on Sat 9th Apr 2005 12:41 UTC

Dragonfly is a server OS, no reason to play games on a printer server.

Well, I don't play games so I wouldn't know about that, but Dragonfly suits my needs for a 'do everything' OS perfectly. About the only thing I've had trouble with is actually printing, but I assume the problem is with the cheap, crappy printer I have and not with the OS :-)

I also feel that Dragonfly is really heading in the right direction, where certain other OS'es really aren't...

and there was much rejoicing
by jonas.kirilla on Sun 10th Apr 2005 08:40 UTC

Matt & Co absolutely rock.
Like a diamond through your forehead.

dragonfly has its own mascotte
by Frankye on Sun 10th Apr 2005 11:05 UTC

Just a minor point with the editors.
Dragonfly BSD has its own mascotte/symbol, you should replace the beastie icon with a dragonfly one

DragonFly logo
by silver on Sun 10th Apr 2005 15:22 UTC

Eugenia Loli-Queru [OSNews-Crew]:
"Only popular subjects get their own logo I am afraid. Dragonfly is still a small OS with fewer than 1-per-month important news items. As for the FreeBSD logo, it's also widely used as the "generic bsd" logo too, so it's good enough for the cause."

NVIDIA driver
by Emiel Kollof on Wed 13th Apr 2005 15:17 UTC

Hello, I'm the guy that ported the driver from FreeBSD to DragonFly. Yes, DFBSD has a binary NVIDIA driver. I use it myself, and it works very well. Both with XFree86 and Xorg.

I know we're still at version 6113, but the new driver is very much tied to FreeBSD5 userland, which is kind of a pity. I have the kernel part working, but userland sucks. But the 6113 driver works very well (for me at least).