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SCO, Caldera, Unixware When SCO originally launched its case against IBM, most observers suspected that there was some kind of case to answer. There were two reasons to believe this.
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Strange article
by Lumbergh on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 17:51 UTC

So is Princess Diana, aliens, and Dodi Fayed a seperate article or what? And if so, why does he try to tie it in with "With SCO in mind..." in the first paragraph. And what does it have to do with a site called

PJ ...
by Blip on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 17:58 UTC

The highlight of the whole SCO debacle has to be Groklaw and Pamela Jones. Having to fight Groklaw and IBM's powerful legal team must be something close to a nightmare; and if that's the case it's just deserts.

When reality mirrors fiction ...
by KadyMae on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 18:16 UTC

First off, regarding the front half of the article, my god, not even James Ellroy could concoct something so endlessly twisted. (But his would have more sex and violence.)

Regarding the "conspiracy theory" I think I hurt something laughing. (It could only be better if the author had managed to work in cold fusion, numerology, and a dash of the Loch Ness monster.)

At any rate, I think the whole article is a wonderful reminder at just how incredibly, fantastically *strange* this whole SCO-IBM thing has become.

Because you know that when the dust finally settles on this one, somebody's going to be writing the most mindlblowingly warped work of NON-FICTION, ever. "No, really, this is TRUE!"

by John on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 18:20 UTC

i think it is a lot deeper and uglier than it even seems... I am waiting for Darl to embezzle a LARGE amount and be kicking back on a beach on some island he bought... crazy!

I still have concerns over the suicide... whoa so did it say Kriedel committed suicide? I knew penrose but somehow have missed Kriedel... Is that right?

What kind of company can that be...freakin monsters...scary really

by thebaron on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 18:35 UTC

There goes about 5 minutes I'll never be able to get back.

by Jason Stiles on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 18:54 UTC

WTF? Princess Di? Did anyone read this article before it was posted?

OSNews: You got served! Its on!

@Jason Stile
by Lumbergh on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 18:58 UTC

You got served!

Nelson - "HaHa"

Conspiracy Theories???
by CaptainN on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 19:50 UTC

I don't think Val Kriedel's suicide (and really, I need to read about that somewhere else, after that Princess Di stuff) has anything to do with conspiracies.

I do think it has to do with the child-like emotional maturity of many of the International Corporation's upper management/boards of directors.

even more
by JJ on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 20:00 UTC

I was pretty interested till Diana showed up.

A google of "Kriedel committed suicide" gives several much better stories, there was a 2nd suicide, very wierd story all around.

by Vexen on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 20:12 UTC

Why does SCO even make the news anymore? The whole story has been fizzling out for a long time now. Does anybody care anymore? Aren't even the journalists tired of listening to all that hot air?

I liked it
by Anymouse on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 20:55 UTC

I thought the articles were entertaining in an over-the-top way. Maybe they oughta make a movie.

by John on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 21:52 UTC

i remmeber Penrose (Rob or something) committed suicide supposedly but somehow never seen anything about the other guy.... as I said scary company that I would not DARE to have anything to do with...

This is an Ex-Parrot
by David on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 22:31 UTC

It's pushing up the daisies. Let's leave it that way.

5 minutes
by who cares on Fri 3rd Jun 2005 00:52 UTC

I think the 5 minutes were worth the read. Pretty freaky kind of, especially how it goes from sco, di to comments about programming languages. I thought it was a good read.

teach them how to power on a computer
by butters on Fri 3rd Jun 2005 01:27 UTC

I wouldn't be surprised if IBM pushes for a summary judgement after SCO's next filing deadline. Their affidavit including powerful scripts to exhaustively search the dynix and project monterey source trees was an insight into how seriously IBM is taking this suit at this point. They approach the outrageous discovery requirements with as much respect as this whole charade deserves. To boot up the AIX server, press the power button on the front panel. Priceless.

Ha-ha, twisted but funny
by bxb32001 on Fri 3rd Jun 2005 03:48 UTC

The rambling almost made sense, but it doesn't, twisting and turning into all sorts of avenues. Funny, really, it sort of reflects my thinking. I mean, my attention span =)


RE: yea
by Peder on Fri 3rd Jun 2005 07:27 UTC

The other guy was acctually a gal; Val Kriedel, Ray Noordas daughter.
Groklaw mentioned it and /. might have done too (too lazy to look up).

- Peder

nice headline!
by dmd on Fri 3rd Jun 2005 07:57 UTC

I laughed

by joe on Fri 3rd Jun 2005 11:43 UTC

nah i thought the daughter had a different name.... and she took the lead in booting??? Yarro i think the name was...
yea I dont care to look it up and dig into that load of crap! They ought to dissolve the whole damn thing as ugly as it is...

by ryan on Fri 3rd Jun 2005 17:31 UTC

There are far too many convenient suicides these days for my comfort. Raymond Lemme's suicide (not related to linux) is especially disturbing.

We need more openess and more legitimately independent investigators on such cases to ensure no wrong doing.

i think...
by lemmy on Fri 3rd Jun 2005 22:31 UTC

... there is a name for something like that.

wasn't it ADD or something, attention deficiency disorder or something like that...

i mean, first he's writing about how weird the whole SCO thing has become (ok, he's right there), but then he jumps to conspiracy theories about lady di's death, and then tries to make funny jokes with IT acronyms (and fails horribly there)...

i wouldn't even want to _compare_ this with serious writing.

... and blogs entries ARE known to occasionally contain multiple paragraphs on UNRELATED topics...

I just stopped reading once I realized the author had changed subject...