Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 27th Jun 2002 17:29 UTC
SCO, Caldera, Unixware "Linux seller Caldera International has replaced longtime Chief Executive Ransom Love and agreed to buy back shares held by two major investors." Read the report at
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The problem was...
by Doug Ly on Thu 27th Jun 2002 23:49 UTC

that they stopped creating Linux for the desktop. I have the last version of their Linux for the desktop and it was the only distro that would correctly identify all the hardware on my laptop.


I loved their distro better than anyone elses at the time. Now it is down to distros which can not even recognize the graphic card in my laptop (how sad).

oops forgot to say....
by Doug Ly on Fri 28th Jun 2002 00:00 UTC

That openlinux does not work as good as the older version on my laptop.

OpenDesktop (is that the name?)
by Out of the blue on Fri 28th Jun 2002 00:13 UTC

Yeah, their installer is excellent. Otherwise, OpenDesktop is just another RPM-based distribution.

No, it's called OpenLinux Workstation
by mario on Fri 28th Jun 2002 01:23 UTC

I am also rather fond of Caldera's Linux distro. However, I have high hopes for United Linux. I believe it will be a powerful engine in the Linux world.

One thing: I preferred the old OpenLinux distribution. Even OpenLinux Lite (who remembers it?) was a very complete, comprehensive and well-engineered distro.

by BakaSmack on Fri 28th Jun 2002 20:40 UTC

"OpenDesktop is just another RPM-based distribution."

Not so! OpenLinux was (is?) a heavily tested and well internationalized OS. Caldera always made sure that the software they shipped would compile on their current systems and their system was very stable. Most of the other popular RPM based distros can't say that (Mandrake, RedHat, etc.)

Caldera has always been a step above the rest (RPM based anyway).