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BSD and Darwin derivatives "The L4/Darwin project is an experimental port of Darwin to the L4 microkernel to study the characteristics of a large-scale microkernel-based system. It includes a port of IOKit to L4, a modified libc to communicate with the Darbat Server, and of course XNU with many of the machine-dependent parts heavily modified (pmap, thread/task creation, etc.) but much left unchanged (most of BSD, and large parts of OSFMK work without modification)."
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by charles on Sat 1st Apr 2006 17:06 UTC
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I'm looking forward to trying this out soon. I've been a fan of the L4 microkernel family for quite a while; it's good to see that there's still a lot of activity going on with it.

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Sick of April Fool
by rylps on Sat 1st Apr 2006 17:06 UTC
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I bet 10 that it's a joke. Damned, why did I open my news aggregator
today anyways?

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RE: Sick of April Fool
by smitty_one_each on Sun 2nd Apr 2006 17:59 UTC in reply to "Sick of April Fool"
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So was Parrot, ye of little faith. ;)

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hopefully true...
by CaptainPinko on Sat 1st Apr 2006 17:32 UTC
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Since this looks like one of them most interesting projects in ages.

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by broken_symlink on Sat 1st Apr 2006 18:05 UTC
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maybe one day we will be able to replace darwin/mach on os x with this.

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Very nice indeed
by alcibiades on Sat 1st Apr 2006 20:56 UTC
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One has read so many sites like this. Very well done. The acronyms that almost seem to make sense. The people. The casual tone. Liked it a lot.

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This way..
by fithisux on Sun 2nd Apr 2006 09:03 UTC
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x86 opendarwin may have a future.

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MacOS X on L4
by jonas.kirilla on Sun 2nd Apr 2006 18:13 UTC
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If Darwin gets fully ported to L4, is it "too late" to switch MacOS X to it?

Are there any forseeable issues with device-driver compatibility, application-level API compatibility, or merely a matter of convincing developers on the benefits?

Some may say the Linux kernel is a better choice, but the object-oriented IOKit would make less sense on (or in) the Linux kernel. Driver support is paramount. What would benefit MacOS X the most? What would be the most technically elegant solution?

Revenge of the sub-microkernels?
This will be interesting. ;)

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RE: MacOS X on L4
by SamuraiCrow on Mon 3rd Apr 2006 00:12 UTC in reply to "MacOS X on L4"
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What would benefit MacOS X the most? What would be the most technically elegant solution?

Probably the solution that requires the least amount of memory. Small memory footprints have a better probability of being properly cache-loaded than do big memory footprints.

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