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Databases "Microsoft announces the availability of SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1 with Database Mirroring, SQL Server Management Studio Express, additional options for ISVs and normal feature fixes. The release of SQL Server 2005 SP1 follows the March 2006 Community Technology Preview and the initiation of a new customer collaboration model, which allowed active customer feedback to drive final updates and routine fixes delivered in this service pack."
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Management Studio Still Sucks
by jayson.knight on Thu 20th Apr 2006 21:20 UTC
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Unfortunately this SP didn't fix ANY of the bugs that plague SQL Server Management Studio, which is largely a steaming pile of junk (I never thought I'd miss Ent Mgr or Query Analyzer). SSMS doesn't really say much for .Net as that's mostly what it's written in. Slow, bloated, and full of bugs.

The engine itself is VERY nice though; we've noticed upwards of 20% performance increases on some of our apps, and that's without even using some of the new perf based features in Sql2k5.

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RE: Management Studio Still Sucks
by topos on Fri 21st Apr 2006 03:36 UTC in reply to "Management Studio Still Sucks"
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Having use quite a lot SQL server 7 - 2000 and now 2005 and also Oracle 10g, I personaly think that SQL server Management studio or Enterprise manager/Query Analyser are much better/faster/easier to use then anything provide by Oracle.

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jayson.knight Member since:

Now that's something I'll definitely agree with. Truth be told, I actually use SQL++ for Oracle and osql/sqlcmd.exe for SQL Server for most tasks, but for "quick and dirty" stuff I'll use the GUI tools.

The GUI tools for Oracle are absolutely useless (I blame the fact they're writting in Java), but SQL Server could stand to learn quite a bit from SQL++ (which they seem to have done for absolute dream of a CLI tool compared to osql).

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what mean sql server?
by collinm on Thu 20th Apr 2006 21:50 UTC
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please add ms sql server
sql server mean nothing...

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RE: what mean sql server?
by BrianH on Thu 20th Apr 2006 22:09 UTC in reply to "what mean sql server?"
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But "SQL Server 2005" means Microsoft - it is the only company with a product named that.

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RE: what mean sql server?
by Don T. Bothers on Fri 21st Apr 2006 00:21 UTC in reply to "what mean sql server?"
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"please add ms sql server
sql server mean nothing..."

Yes... and don't you dare refer to MS Windows as just Windows, MS Office as Office, MS Internet Explorer as Internet Explorer, MS Exchange Server as Exchange Server, MS SMS Server as SMS Server, or MS Visual Studio as Visual Studio.

Actually... I don't want anyone to refer to IBM DB2 as DB2, or IBM WebMethods as WebMethods, IBM Lotus Notes as Notes, IBM AIX as AIX, Sun Solaris as Solaris...

They all mean nothing unless you refer to them properly.

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RE[3]: Management Studio Still Sucks
by ggiunta on Fri 21st Apr 2006 08:07 UTC
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"The GUI tools for Oracle are absolutely useless"

Truth be told, all the Oracle developers I know of (and a lot of sysdamins too) use Toad as the one and only tool for db developement. It is head and shoulders above the rest.
But there are many other valid packages out there, such as PLSQLDeveloper, or the Embarcadero stuff. Heck, even the Java ones such as Aqua data studio or dbvisualizer are much better than any db tool ever offered by MS.

I completely agree about SQL Server Management Studio being a pile of junk: extremely buggy, kept the worst interface parts from Ent Mgr instead of going with what is by now the defacto standard in gui for db development tools, etc...

Take a look at quest's Toad for sqlserver if you want to see how it should be done...

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