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AMD Since earlier this year we have been waiting for AMD to release documentation and/or code on the ATI R600 series concerning 3D acceleration so that the open-source Linux drivers can begin to support the newer ATI graphics processors. It has taken longer than expected for AMD to complete and release this information, but it's now available. AMD has released the fundamental Linux code needed to begin fostering the development of an open-source R600 3D driver. Furthermore, this code also concerns the latest R700 series of graphics processors! The microcode for the newest GPUs has also been released.
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by spikeb on Tue 30th Dec 2008 23:21 UTC
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where's the documentation amd?

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by bridgman on Wed 31st Dec 2008 03:02 UTC in reply to "great"
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When everyone left for the holidays we had sufficient review coverage on everything except the descriptive comments in the register spec document, so we had to choose between releasing the package without the document or waiting a few weeks for the review to complete after the holidays.

Since the source trees included all of the register info (name, offset, field names + shift/mask data) from the document in header files I figured it was better to release the code and register headers then follow up with the register spec document after the holidays.

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