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Databases Database security is the single biggest concern with today's Web-based applications. Without control, you risk exposing sensitive information about your company or, worse yet, your valuable customers. In this article, learn about security measures you can take to protect your PostgreSQL database. Be sure to download the sample code listings used in this article.
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by Method on Wed 25th Nov 2009 15:09 UTC
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SEPostgreSQL may also be interesting to some. Basically it takes SELinux labels and applies them to all objects in the database (rows, columns, tuples, tables, etc) and then lets you use SELinux policy to determine which SELinux domains have access to what data.

It is particularly interesting for multilevel environments (eg., secret, top secret) so you can run a single Postgres server and let secret people only see secret data.

Link to SEPostgreSQL project site is

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