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Podcasts On June the 7th Apple will do some stuff about some stuff and everybody will write lots about said stuff. We discuss a bit of this stuff and the problems Apple are facing with their stuff impacting our stuff. Moving away from Apple we give time to Amiga news on three fronts with MorphOS, AROS on Imica and Aeon's X1000 with its yet-unknown processor. If Thom has gusessed wrong, he'll be dining on a humble-pie / sock taste infusion. Lastly, debate on processors of another kind where we discuss ARM and x86
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by bhtooefr on Mon 7th Jun 2010 14:20 UTC
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Of course, what looks like is actually happening in the RISC OS community is, everyone (except for those that are financially invested in RISCOS Ltd) ignoring RISCOS Ltd, and there is a port in progress to BeagleBoard. Not a great platform for this by any means, and the OMAP3 is turning out to be not very good for anything that isn't a smartphone (poor maximum display resolution, poor storage options (512 megs of NAND, SD, and USB mass storage,) but it was cheap and available. It also means that they can solve the ARMv7 problems, so if an ARMv7 target is what's chosen ultimately, that may be successful.

It doesn't help that it's basically TI and Marvell chips that can be used, due to Qualcomm and Nvidia's chips being more closed down, less specs available. And, many Marvell chips include WMMX, which will cause older software that uses ARM floating point instructions to fail - WMMX has an opcode collision with ARM FPA, so FPEmulator won't work properly, and floating point apps will crash unless they're compiled to natively use software floating point. (Granted, a lot of it is nowadays, because the only things that could run a real FPA are old ARM3 machines and the ARM7500FE in the (budget) A7000+.)

And, there is new (as in not used, certainly not actually a new design) hardware you can buy today, the A9home, but it only has a beta OS, is mind-blowingly expensive for a 400 MHz ARM9 with 128 megs of RAM, and development has apparently been abandoned on the OS (last release was in 2006, RISCOS Ltd says they're working on it, but they apparently haven't had funding for it.)

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Concerning WWDC
by Lennie on Tue 8th Jun 2010 08:31 UTC
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I didn't see anything that mentioned Mac OS X updates/features, but I may have read over it.

I did see this:
"Next up is the app store. Apple supports two platforms. First is HTML5, open and uncontrolled platform. He says the company fully supports it and behind it 100 percent - and stresses that it’s fully open. Second platform is the App Store — a curated platform with more than 225,000 apps and calls it the most vibrant app store on the planet. Interesting reference to curated as a asset of App Store."

Atleast they tell people, they can use HTML5 as well.

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Great Podcast!
by reez on Tue 8th Jun 2010 22:09 UTC
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I just wanted to say I really liked this podcast. You guys are doing a great job on keeping us up to date with a quality, which isn't reached anywhere else.

Thank you OSNews!

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How are you going to handle the sock-eating?
Are you going to buy some edible ecological socks, or will you just pour ketchup all over some of your existing socks? And will you boil wash your socks before eating them? :p

You may slap me now ;)

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