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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless PCI Express 4.0 is being designed with tablets in mind, according to standards-setting organization PCI Special Interest Group. The PCI-Express 4.0 bus will also go into PCs, servers and embedded devices. PCIe 4.0, will transfer data at up to 16 gigatransfers per second over copper wire. That is twice the speed of PCIe 3.0, which was finalized in late 2010 and is just reaching products.
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USB3 for tablets?
by Fergy on Wed 30th Nov 2011 23:49 UTC
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I thought they were going to use USB3 for internal communication in tablets because pcie uses so much power.

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by gilboa on Thu 1st Dec 2011 11:48 UTC
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PCI-E 4.0 has *nothing* to do with tablets.
Neither one will ever come close to pushing sufficient packets and/or pixels to saturate a PCI-E 2.0 4x link (~4GBps FD), let alone a theoretical PCI-E 4.0 16x link (~64GBps FD).

Heck, even a high-end Xeon EX (w/ ~100GBps memory bandwidth) will have a hard time saturating multiple PCI-E 4.0 8x and 16x link.

PCI-E 4.0 is designed to tackle 100Gbps networks and high-end GPGPU setups.

- Gilboa

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by avgalen on Thu 1st Dec 2011 13:24 UTC
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"...up to 16 gigatransfers per second..."
Can anyone tell me how many bytes are in 1 normal transfer? Can 1 normal transfer be a movie and will this allow us to send 16 billion movies per second?

Seriously, the level of articles and especialy misleading headlines is quite high this week.

"The Personal Computer Is Dead" is an article that is not even about Personal computers.

"New ARM Dev Toolkit for Android Addresses Platform 'Hodgepodge'" had nothing to do with the "Android Hodgepodge"

and "PCI Express 4.0 Will Speed Up Tablets" ... really?

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bus power
by fran on Thu 1st Dec 2011 17:21 UTC
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This most exciting thing about PCIe 4 is the planned increase in bus power.
Less worrying about 12v rails, amps and 6-8 pin connectors. Hope it all pans out.

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Pointless news?
by riversj on Thu 1st Dec 2011 23:08 UTC
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What tablet uses PCI-E?
The ARM powered tablets on the market all use SoC, meaning the CPU and the GPU are directly linked.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but this makes about as much sense to me as a kitchen toaster featuring a carbon fiber knob.

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RE: Pointless news?
by Kivada on Fri 2nd Dec 2011 00:54 UTC in reply to "Pointless news?"
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So you've never heard of MiniPCIe or ExpressCard? There are tons of devices for these in the mobile and ITX market.

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