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Internet & Networking Well, this is good news. "Germany will not sign an international anti-piracy treaty, despite having already agreed to it in principal, government sources in Berlin said Friday, February 10." with Germany on the side of reason - for now - we're a huge step closer to stopping ACTA.
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by judgen on Fri 10th Feb 2012 17:14 UTC
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Deutschland ├╝ber alles!

Thank you germany, once again it has to stand for the voice of reason against the neocons in EU parliament.

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RE: Danke!
by noobsaibot on Fri 10th Feb 2012 17:51 UTC in reply to "Danke!"
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you certainly mean the commission, the parliament -- or parts of it -- is actually against acta. here's hope that it is the bigger part that is against it.

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by jackastor on Fri 10th Feb 2012 17:17 UTC
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Sehr gute Deutschland!

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In other news
by shotsman on Fri 10th Feb 2012 18:53 UTC
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The US Army today mobilised all their troops in Germany. The Defence Department said that it was a 'Routine Manouver'.

The last report from Germany indicated that a large convoy of US Military Vehicles were heading for Berlin.

Only Joking. But I am sure that there will be a lot of diplomatic pressure exerted on Berlin from DC.

Meanwhile all over Europe, governments were breathing a huge sigh of relief.

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RE: In other news
by judgen on Sat 11th Feb 2012 01:41 UTC in reply to "In other news"
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Oh yeah, germany responds well to forced treaties or dictates... HISTORY is your enemy on this issue.

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Lets' just wait a couple of day
by cptsalek on Fri 10th Feb 2012 20:33 UTC
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So far, people here in Germany doubt that this is the final decision. With all the ACTA protests going on tomorrow many feel that this might be a political stunt to keep people from protesting.

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RE: Lets' just wait a couple of day
by blitze on Fri 10th Feb 2012 23:21 UTC in reply to "Lets' just wait a couple of day"
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May the German people have their voices heard and protest this piece of imperialist legislation thanks to our US corporate overlords. No to any of this crap be it SOPA or ACTA or any other garbage that holds down human creativity, ingenuity, and advancement.

Funny how Hollywood rose from the strangle hold of New York on the US film industry back in the early 20th century, only to become a global version of the same anti competitive practices. Maybe it is more sad as is a lot of the content that comes out of there.

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Comment by mkools
by mkools on Sat 11th Feb 2012 17:14 UTC
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We should thank the Polish people for this, they mass protested against ACTA while demonstrations in other countries were pretty mild.

Anyway it's one battle won but the war for freedom on The Internet or better said, the war for our freedom and democracy is far from over.

Big corporations will keep pushing governments to pass laws which limit our freedom but it's good to see that they get more and more resistance from the public these days.

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