Linked by Thom Holwerda on Sun 19th May 2013 23:15 UTC
Apple "This is my NeXTstation Turbo Color booting the Mac System 7.1 Operating System using a hardware add-on called 'Daydream'. The Daydream has a Mac ROM and a few custom ICs in it and hooked up to the NeXTs DSP port. Turns your NeXT into a full fledged 68k powered Mac." So cool.
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Comment by BBAP
by Bringbackanonposting on Mon 20th May 2013 00:58 UTC
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Any viewers with Epilepsy heed this warning. Also, yes it is 2013, I just double checked.

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RE: Comment by BBAP
by hollovoid on Mon 20th May 2013 07:50 UTC in reply to "Comment by BBAP"
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Good god, that blinking is terrible. And yea, this was uploaded in 09', but still think it is cool.

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That reminds me...
by leech on Mon 20th May 2013 04:55 UTC
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Now that I have gotten my Amiga A4000D repaired, I need to test out Mac Emulation again.

Have they ported Basilisk to the NeXT? I wonder what the performance difference is.

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RE: That reminds me...
by leech on Mon 20th May 2013 04:57 UTC in reply to "That reminds me..."
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2006-01-10 Doesn't look like it. You can get up to Mac OS 8.1 working with it.

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by jrash on Mon 20th May 2013 04:59 UTC
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Now I just need NeXTSTEP running on my Duo 280c!

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Comment by Hayoo!
by Hayoo! on Mon 20th May 2013 09:34 UTC
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I think OSNews needs a new section, something along the lines of 'Discovery' or 'New Old Stuff'. The linked video is so old, it doesn't belong in 'News' section.

Slightly off-topic: I'd watched the video several times before seeing it linked here. I even put a comment there in 2009, which is no longer there for some reason.

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by biffuz on Mon 20th May 2013 10:47 UTC
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Is this osNEWS or osOLDS?

Funnily, I put my hands on a Next past Saturday for the first time. A needs-some-work-to-get-working Station Color, or perhaps it just needs the proper monitor (for the ones who doesn't know, this damn thing requires its special monitor or a special box to power on).
But I love the case so much, it's a shame nobody makes PC cases like that.

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by moondevil on Tue 21st May 2013 08:59 UTC in reply to "osNEWS?"
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Well, given the age of many readers, maybe this is "news" for them.

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Seems like the wrong way ;p
by zima on Mon 20th May 2013 11:12 UTC
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This is running the classic MacOS (which was relatively sub-par) on a "native" hardware of one of the most legendary OS there is, NextStep.

To boot a 68k Mac into NextStep, now that would be really cool.

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Stripped down, system 7?
by siraf72 on Mon 20th May 2013 11:39 UTC
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A blast from the past seeing the old startup screen. Always warms my heart.

Seems to me that was a seriously stripped down OS 7 or rather the OS 7 install disc. Nothing was in the Apple Menu. No Control Panel, etc.

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Atari ST running MacOS
by tsedlmeyer on Mon 20th May 2013 13:20 UTC
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If we are now posting old videos of old systems running old versions of MacOS, here is a video of an Atari ST with a Spectre 128 add-on board running MacOS 6.0.3. The Spectre 128 was an emulation board which plugged into the Atari ST cartridge slot. In addition you also had to separately purchase Macintosh ROMs to install on the Spectre 128 board.

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RE: Atari ST running MacOS
by Soulbender on Tue 21st May 2013 07:21 UTC in reply to "Atari ST running MacOS"
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You're missing the magic word "NeXT"

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Comment by mrAmiga500
by mrAmiga500 on Mon 20th May 2013 13:46 UTC
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This doesn't really impress me. I emulated MacOS 8.1 on my Amiga 500 and had Amiga programs running simultaneously.

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RE: Comment by mrAmiga500
by fx__ on Mon 20th May 2013 14:57 UTC in reply to "Comment by mrAmiga500"
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Yeah Mac emulation on the Amiga was really great. I used to run Shapeshifter on my Amiga 1200 with 68030 accelerator in the past and it allowed me to play lots of games that never got amiga ports, such as Warcraft and Alone in the Dark.

The good old days!

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RE[2]: Comment by mrAmiga500
by leech on Wed 22nd May 2013 09:26 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by mrAmiga500"
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I'll try to get a video up of my Amiga running Mac OS on either Shapeshifter or Basilisk sometime this week. ;)

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